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Hokkaido University Summer Program 2019, Japan (Fully Funded)

As a part of the future reform strategy towards the 150th anniversary of Hokkaido University (HU), the university launched the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) in 2016, utilizing the climate advantage of summer in Hokkaido which is cooler than any other regions of Japan. HSI is a program that brings together leading researchers with proven educational and research track records from around the world, and provides courses in collaboration with HU faculty members.
In 2019, more than 160 researchers from over 100 universities/research institutes from all over the world will gather at HU.
HSI allows participants to expand their knowledge of subjects in cutting-edge fields of research at HU that previously were open only to students of the university. Program participants have an opportunity to attend classes that employ attractive educational techniques, such as field training in Hokkaido’s extensive land resources and active learning activities, so they can develop into professionals capable of thriving on the world stage.
All instruction at HSI is in English. This provides international students with a stress-free learning environment without having to worry about language barriers, and also creates a special opportunity for Japanese students, who can take classes taught by internationally acclaimed researchers. The university strongly hopes that HSI students will cultivate a better understanding of other cultures and improve their English-language proficiency and communication skills through exchanges with researchers and students from other countries. Off-campus events are also planned so participants can enjoy Hokkaido’s beautiful summer.

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Hokkaido Summer Institute also give opportunity for International Student to get scholarship to students from Hokkaido University (HU)’ s partner institutions, include:
  • Those who enroll as exchange students from HU’ s partner institutions with which HU has concluded a memorandum of understanding on mutual tuition waivers are waived the tuition fees at HU. They must inform the relevant office at their home institution about their application before submitting application. Check the list of HU’s partner universities below.
  • Those who enroll as exchange students from HU’s partner institutions based on departmental exchange agreements are required to take at least one course organized by the HU department which their institution has concluded the agreement with.
Partner University Llist

Additional Fees
Some courses including field training will require additional fees (accommodation fees during the field training, travel expenses, etc.) For details, please check the syllabuses of the courses you wish to take. Fees that will be required for courses will be collected in cash (Japanese yen) after students arrive in Hokkaido, Japan. Accordingly, students should bring the necessary cash amount for fee payment.

How To Apply: 
First student must apply for the Hokkaido University Summer Program 2019 program. Registration will open on 1 February 2019.

Download the Brochure HERE

The following students are eligible to apply for admission to the program:
  • Those enrolled in a university or a graduate school as full-time students at the time of application and during the HSI program period;
  • Those who have the English proficiency necessary to understand and participate in the course(s) they wish to take;
  • Those who meet the requirements for the course(s) they wish to take;
  • Those who agree that:
    • They must take out insurance covering medical expenses and liability during their stay at Hokkaido University, and submit a copy of the insurance policy by the designated deadline after receiving a notification of acceptance.
    • They are not able to take courses without submitting a copy of their insurance policy by the deadline

Application Documents:The Application documents shall be written in English , unless otherwise specified.
  • Application Form
  • Photo front-facing, upper body, no hat; 354 x 295 pixels
  • Official Certificate of University Registration
  • Official Academic Transcript
  • Official English Proficiency Test Certificate [Non-native English speaking students only]
  • Copy of passport [Non-Japanese students only]
  • Written consent to enroll in Hokkaido Summer Institute[Students from within Japan only]

28 February 2019

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