Friday, March 15, 2019

[Bachelor Degree] Fair & Lovely Bintang Scholarship for Indonesia Citizen, Indonesia (Fully Funded)

A survey of 200 women revealed that around 64% of Indonesian women were hesitant to pursue their dreams. This is due to various things, ranging from the environment to family financial factors. Even though almost every woman has a dream that will benefit herself and her surroundings. This is the background of Fair & Lovely and Hoshizora Foundation to provide scholarships to these outstanding students.

Through the latest programs, Fair & Lovely Bintang Beasiswa, students with high achievements, aspirations and motivations will have greater opportunities to reach bright and realize their dreams.

The program targets are female graduates of high school / vocational / MA / equivalent who meet the entry criteria for A or B accredited PTNs in 2019 having ideas to contribute to society, achieve, and have high motivation but have financial limitations.

Program Objectives:
  • Providing opportunities for women in Indonesia who have graduated from high school / vocational / MA / equivalent, have ideas to contribute to society, have high motivation, and have an achievement to continue their undergraduate education but have financial limitations.
  • Providing tuition assistance to women graduating from high school / vocational / MA / equivalent who are accepted in State Universities (PTN) in 2019 undergraduate level (S1) for 8 semesters.
  • Providing capacity building for scholarship participants for 8 semesters. 
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education fees (Cash) distributed at the beginning of each odd semester are allocated to meet academic and student needs. In addition, every year there is assistance for capacity building for 4 years. Mentoring materials are tailored to the curriculum of the Hoshizora Foundation.

  • 12th grade students or high school / vocational / MA / equivalent graduates who can register for admission to PTN in 2019.
  • Students come from the following regions:
    • Special Region of Yogyakarta
    • Central Java
    • East Java and Madura
    • West Java
    • Banten
    • Palembang
    • Makassar
    • Pontianak
  • Students enroll through:
    • SNMPTN
    • SBMPTN
    • Self selection held by each PTN for student purposes with an announcement before July 2019
  • Has academic potential as evidenced by photocopying or scanned report cards, achievement certificates (if any), or photocopies of diplomas & SKHUN for those who have graduated from school.
  • Have a study plan at the desired PTN and ideas to contribute to the community.
  • Committed to completing studies at selected universities.

How to Apply:
  • Online socialization is carried out starting in January 2019 throughout Indonesia. Prospective participants register with the simple sign up mechanism on the webpage before March 31, 2019.
  • After participants register through simple sign-up, participants will receive an e-mail from Fair and Lovely Scholarship Stars managed by the Hoshizora Foundation on the stages of completing registration and uploading documents that must be done by participants.
  • Participants are required to fill out an online registration form and upload documents according to instructions from the email received by participants before March 31, 2019
  • The Hoshizora Foundation team will select applicant files and announce the results of file selection in the second week of April 2019.
  • Prospective participants who pass the file selection will proceed to the interview selection stage during April - June 2019 in their respective cities. The interview was organized by the Hoshizora Foundation team.
  • If for some reason the interview process cannot be carried out directly, the Hoshizora Foundation team can use other media such as telephone and video calls.
  • Participants who pass the interview selection will proceed to the home visit stage during April - June 2019 in their respective cities.
  • Participants who do not pass the selection to enter PTN through any route, automatically fall.
  • The final announcement of the Fair & Lovely Scholarship Star participants will be held in early July 2019 and an orientation program called inauguration will be held in August 2019.
  • Official communications related to the selection of the Fair & Lovely Bintang Scholarship are made through and 0821 3439 5655 (Milah).

    31 March 2019

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