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[Diploma and Bachelor Degree] VDMS Scholarship for Indonesian Student 2019, Indonesia

Van Deventer-Maas Stichting is a private foundation with a supportive mission education of the Indonesian people. The foundation was founded in 1947, based on the agreement and wishes of Mother Elizabeth Maas, wife of Mr. Coen van Deventer. In 1979 Van Deventer-Maas Stichting joined the Tjandi Foundation (founded in 1913) and Van Deventer Stichting (founded in 1917), with adapted the Kartini Foundation, which was founded in 1913.

On September 12, 2017, the VDMS representative office in Indonesia was officially became the Indonesian Van Deventer-Maas Foundation (YVDMI) whose pengeoloaan fully entrusted to Indonesia. Coen van Deventer, who cares about the imbalance of economic relations between The Netherlands and Indonesia, are very focused on helping education in Indonesia with provide funds in the form of scholarships and character development programs.

The couple was not blessed with children, therefore, they decided to donate their wealth (as charity) to develop potential Indonesian society. One form of assistance provided is in the form scholarships for young, talented, high achievers, and from families economically incapable.

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  • Rp. 650,000 (six hundred fifty thousand rupiahs) will be paid directly to the scholarship recipient's personal account every month on the same date (except if the date falls on weekends / holidays)
  • One time TOEFL Bonus (if any) of Rp. 381,000 (three hundred eighty one thousand rupiah) and the Timely Pass Bonus (S1 is IDR 650,000 and D3 Rp. 550,000, - and high school Rp. 400,000 -) 
  • Obtain personal capacity building training (Capacity Building) through the selection process - all training costs are borne by the Foundation Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia
Duration of Scholarship:
Scholarships are started from the second year to the end of the study period according to the standard
education (eg S1 = 2-4 years), unless the relevant person cannot maintaining achievement (GPA <3.00), leave, not confirming receipt of funds and do not provide reports at all for a certain period.

  • 1st - 3rd year S1 students and 1st - 2nd year D3 students
  • Maximum age of 27 years
  • Come from an economically disadvantaged family (proven by SKTM and or a letter of recommendation from the campus stating the conditions financial / economic ability of the student concerned)
  • GPA ≥ 3.00
  • Departments: Agriculture, Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, Architecture, Arts and Culture, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Communication, Economics, Education, Engineering, Language, Management, Forestry, Geography, Health / Medicine, History, Informatics, Statistics, etc. (except Law, Political Science, Relations International, State Administration, Religion, and Theology)
  • Actively organizing or in the community
  • Fluent in English is preferred
  • Not receiving another scholarship

Registration Process
  • Registration for a Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia scholarship must be done online HERE. You can download the document list form requirements needed when completing online registration. If You "invite" to the second stage, then you must collect the file later the required documents to the Person in Charge at your campus.

Requirements Document : 
List of required document (download on the ORS home page / attachment)
  • economic poorly Certificate (SKTM) or Letter of recommendation from the parties school or campus (which was signed by the Chancellor / Dean / Head of Study Program) who state the family's economic condition.
  • Latest academic transcripts or GPAs (miniminal with a value of 3.00)
  • Official salary slip for parents or guardians, both from government or private institutions. If both parents work, then sl must attach both salary slips, a maximum of 2 (two) months.
  • Certificate of employment and income of parents / guardians (if self-employed), which is authorized by the Kelurahan or a statement of employment and income made and signed above the seal of Rp. 6,000.
  • Photocopy of KTP, Student Identity Card (KTM), Family Card (KK) 
  • Electric or telephone bill photocopies (up to the last 2 months) 
  • Essays about yourself (family, study and social activities and achievements), why VDMS must choose you to be a recipient of a scholarship, what is it You expect if you are chosen as a scholarship recipient, and what you will do for the community after they finish receiving scholarships and graduate from college. (Minimum 1.5 pages A4, Letters: Palatino Linotype, size 11, and space 1). 
  • Photocopy of the front page of the savings book (Prepared only if students are it passes and is accepted as a scholarship recipient) 
  • Click here to download Manual book
  • Click here to download Document checklist

10 March 2019

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