Saturday, February 23, 2019

European Forum Alpbach Scholarship Programme 2019 for International Applicants

Every year, 700 students from about 90 nationalities participate as scholarship holders in the European Forum Alpbach. Join smart minds from around the world in a charming Alpine village, immersing yourself in an environment bursting with novel ideas, new ways of thinking and opportunities for making great contacts.

With the Alpbach scholarship programme, young people under 30 can attend this leading interdisciplinary conference and a variety of academic seminars. A basic scholarship covers the participation fee to all events at the European Forum Alpbach. Additional subsidies are available for accommodation and daily allowances.


The types of scholarships – basic (participation fee), residence scholarships (participation fee and accommodation), and full (participation fee, accommodation, daily allowances) – that are assigned to finalists cannot be contested.
  • A basic scholarship covers the participation fee (EUR 1,400) for the whole duration of the event (August 14-30, 2019).
  • Should you not have sufficient funds to cover the costs of your stay, you can additionally apply for a residence scholarship which covers the accommodation (EUR 30 per day) or a full scholarship providing accommodation (EUR 30 per day) and daily allowances for food (EUR 17 per day). Please indicate in your online application under the point “subsidy” if you would like to apply for a full scholarship or a residence scholarship. In order to do so, you need to explain your financial situation in writing and upload a supporting document, e.g. a student grant. If you do not have such proof, a written statement is sufficient.
Note that due to the high number of applications full scholarships are provided upon availability and upon needs assessment by the selection committee.

  • The grant to participate in the Seminar Week and the Alpbach Symposia is available to international applicants up to the age of 30. We welcome applications from all countries and academic disciplines. Artists and non-graduates are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • There are special application procedures for Austrian, Chinese and Taiwanese nationals. If you hold one of these passports, you cannot apply through the European Forum Alpbach Foundation. See “Where to apply” for more information.
  • Former Alpbach scholarship holders are invited to return to the European Forum Alpbach as Seminar Assistants or Alpbach Buddies. Information about the scholarships for returners can be found in the alumni section of our website. 
How to Apply:
  • All other nationals
    • You have the possibility to apply through the European Forum Alpbach Foundation or through one of our alumni Clubs or Initiative Groups (IGs) affiliated to the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN) which represent the Forum in more than 30 countries all over the world. For more information about the FAN see also here./
    • In order to be considered for a scholarship awarded by the European Alpbach Foundation you need to apply via our online application platform and upload all required documents. Our online application platform will be open between February 20 and March 29, 2019 (11:59 noon CET).
    • The Clubs or IGs award scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach independently. Your application should include a reference to the country or the Austrian federal state where the club or IG is located. These reference points could be your place of birth, current residency or address during the academic year. Please refer to the websites or facebook pages of the respective clubs and initiative groups for more information about requirements and deadlines, or contact them directly. For a list of our alumni clubs and initiative groups see here
  • Austrian nationals
    • All Austrian applications need to be submitted through one of the Alpbach Clubs or Initiative Groups. If you are an Austrian national studying abroad, you still have to apply the Clubs or Initiative Groups. All Austrian applications handed in through the foundation’s online platform will be automatically rejected.
  • Chinese nationals
    • Master students and PhD candidates (maximum 30 years of age) enrolled at the following Chinese universities can apply for a scholarship to the European Forum Alpbach 2019: Beijing Foreign Studies University, Fudan University, Peking University, Renmin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Tsinghua University.
    • Applications from other Chinese universities will not be considered. If you are a student of one of these universities, you need to apply directly via the Foreign Affairs Office of your university until March 15, 2019. If you are a Chinese national studying abroad, but are affiliated to one of our partner universities, you still have to apply directly via one of these universities.
    • Nominated students will be invited for an interview. The interviews will be held at the Austrian Embassy in Beijing on March 21-22, and at the OeAD Cooperation Office Shanghai (located in Fudan University) on March 25-26, respectively. More information about the China scholarship programme can be found here.
  • Taiwanese nationals
    • Students from Taiwan can apply for a scholarship for the European Forum Alpbach 2019 via the Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation. If you are a Taiwanese national studying abroad, you still have to apply via the Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation until April 15, 2019. Please find more detailed information here:
29 March 2019