Saturday, April 27, 2019

International Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam 2019, Netherland (Limited Scholarship Available)

Do you have an idea of a business but do not know how to get started? Or you have a start-up and would like to develop it further? Then we would like to offer you a great opportunity to learn how to do it – join Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam! Take the challenge to learn more about what it’s like to study business in Amsterdam!

We invite young leaders who wish to contribute to their communities to join the workshop and learn more about youth entrepreneurship. Young leaders will be offered workshops to introduce them to various aspects of the topic with the special emphasis on how to move from theory to practice in the field of youth entrepreneurship. You will also learn how to realize your own potential as a young entrepreneur.

Development of youth entrepreneurship is an effective way to contribute to the economic development of the community! Young people – young leaders – are the key mechanism for such development. The Workshop will allow you to unlock your entrepreneurial potential as a young leader.

During the course each person will go through a series of assessments in order to understand what are the issues not allowing him/her to be effective at work or personal life. After those assessments the results will be analysed and each person will receive their individual recommendations on how they could become more effective!

If you feel you have the soul of an entrepreneur but do not know yet how to put this into practise – join us for the Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop in Amsterdam!

Students will be provided by accommodation for the whole period of the program. The accommodation will be provided in Amsterdam. Students will stay at a Guest House in the rooms for 2 people. The accommodation in a single room can be arranged for the additional payment. Students will have access to the kitchen which they can use in case of need. The accommodation is well connected by public transport with all the touristy places in the city. During the program, the trainings will be conducted in the class room which is in walking distance from the Guest House. Students will be provided the detailed description of the venue and the information on how to reach it from the airport.

We offer comfortable accommodation where students can stay during the program and fully enjoy their time in Amsterdam!

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Workshop Fee
The fee for the workshop are
Type of participation
Program fee
Selected members of AYFN Free of chargeThere is a selection process
Member of AYFN Euro 550 No selection
Non member of AYFN Euro 600 No selection
To become a member of AYFN, kindly register in advance. Click here 

The program fee includes:
  • Accommodation (in Amsterdam)
  • The course (including all the cost materials)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and coffee-breaks)
  • The Flight tickets to and from the Netherlands
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Extra meals are not included in the price
  • Insurance additionally
  • Airport pick and transfer (extra cost is 50 euro/way):
How to Apply:
In order to apply for the program – please fill the application form below:

  • All nationalities
  • Must be between 15 – 35 years old
  • Able to travel to Amsterdam during the program
  • Able to afford the program fee and others expenses
  • Physical healthy

10 May 2019