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[Diploma and Bachelor Degree] BUMN APERTI Scholarship 2019 (For Indonesian), Indonesia (Fully Funded)

BUMN APERTI SCHOLARSHIP is a scholarship organized by the BUMN Alliance of Universities (APERTI). In the beginning there were five University gathered in the BUMN APERTI, namely the National Technical College of PLN (STT PLN), Pertamina University (UP), Telkom University (TEL-U), College of Logistics Management (STIMLOG), and Semen Indonesia International University (UISI ) In its development, APERTI BUMN now has 1 young member, namely POS Polytechnic. All participants who pass the APERTI scholarship will get FULL SCHOLARSHIP until graduating. 

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Filed of Study:   
1. Pertamina University
  • Faculty of Industrial Technology
    • S1 Chemical Engineering
    • S1 in Mechanical Engineering
    • S1 Logistics Engineering
    • S1 Electrical Engineering
  • Science and Computers
    • S1 Chemistry
    • S1 Computer Science
    • S1 International Relations.
  • Infrastructure Planning
    • S1 Civil Engineering
    • S1 Environmental Engineering
  • Communication and Diplomacy
    • S1 Communication Studies.
  • Exploration and Production Technology
    • S1 Geophysical Engineering
    • S1 Petroleum Engineering
    • S1 Geology Engineering
  • Economics and Business
    • S1 Management
    • S1 in Economics

2. Telkom University
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    • S1 Telecommunications Engineering
    • S1 Telecommunications Engineering (International)
    • S1 Electrical Engineering
    • S1 Electrical Engineering (International)
    • S1 Engineering Physics
    • S1 in Computer Engineering
  • Faculty of Informatics
    • S1 Informatics
    • S1 Informatics (International)
    • S1 Information Technology
    • S1 Software Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering Faculty
    • S1 Industrial Engineering
    • S1 Industrial Engineering (International)
    • S1 Information System
    • S1 Information Systems (International)
    • S1 Logistics Engineering
  • Faculty of Economics and Business
    • S1 MBTI (Management of Business in Telecommunication and Informatics)
    • International ICT Business S1
    • S1 Accounting
  • Faculty of Communication and Business
    • S1 Business Administration
    • S1 Business Administration (International)
    • S1 Communication Studies
    • S1 Communication Studies (International)
    • S1 Digital Public Relations
  • Faculties of Creative Industries
    • S1 Visual Communication Design
    • S1 Visual Communication Design (International)
    • S1 Industrial Design
    • S1 Product Design
    • S1 Textile Craft and Fashion
    • S1 Creative Arts (Painting, Photography & Film, and Intermedia)
  • 7 Faculty of Applied Sciences
    • D3 Telecommunications Technology
    • D3 Application Software Engineering
    • D3 Information System
    • D3 Accounting Information System
    • D3 Computer Technology
    • D3 Marketing Management
    • D3 Hospitality
    • S1 Applied Multimedia Engineering Technology

  • S1 Transportation Management
  • S1 Logistics Management


  • Degree program
    • S1 Electrical Engineering
    • S1 in Mechanical Engineering
    • S1 Civil Engineering
    • S1 Informatics Engineering
  • Diploma Programs
    • D3 in Electrical Engineering
    • D3 Mechanical Engineering
  • Economics and Business Faculty
    • S1 Accounting
    • S1 Management
    • S1 Islamic Economics
  • Faculty of Industrial Technology and Argo Industry
    • S1 Chemical Engineering
    • S1 Engineering Management
    • S1 Logistics Engineering
    • S1 Agroindustry Technology
  • Faculty of Information and Creative Technology
    • S1 Visual Design and Communication
    • S1 Informatics
    • S1 Information System

6. Poltek Pos Indonesia    
  • Program Ahli Madya
    • D4 Akuntansi Keuangan
    • D3 Teknik Informatika
    • D3 Manajemen Informatika
    • D3 Akuntansi
    • D3 Manajemen Bisnis
    • D3 Logistik Bisnis
  • 2 Program Sarjana Terapan
    • D4 Teknik Informatika
    • D4 Manajemen Bisnis
    • D4 Logistik Bisnis

Basic Requirement :

  • High school / high school students
  • Graduates in 2018/2019
  • Have report cards from semester 1 to 4
  • Participants can choose 3 study programs for 1 institution
  • Registration file uploaded online 
Terms and conditions apply according to the policies of each college, Please click  bellow for requirement each University

How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for applying. You need to make an account to Log in to Online Registration

14 June 2019