Monday, July 22, 2019

[Bachelor Degree] Munir Said Thalib Scholarship (For Indonesian), Indonesia (Fully Funded)

Jentera opens the widest opportunity for activists of the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to take education through the Munir Said Thalib Scholarship.
The election of Munir Said Thalib as the name of the scholarship is the spirit to continue the values of the struggle which during his life was shown by the deceased, namely intelligent, brave, idealistic, and humble.

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This scholarship covers all tuition fees for 8 (eight) semesters (consisting of entry / base fees, semester fees, and SKS fees) as well as living expenses for students from outside Jabodetabek.

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
  • Has worked for at least 2 (two) years in the civil society sector.
  • Nominated by the place of work. If you don't work permanently, references can be given by civil society organizations that have worked with you.
  • Pass file selection and interviews.
  • Make 1 (one) essay maximum of 500 (five hundred) words.
Your essay must contain:
  • Why do I want to take legal education ?; and
  • What will I do after becoming a Law Degree?
Required Document:
  • Fill out the online registration form.
  • Nomination form from the place of employment. The form can be downloaded here.
  • A reference letter from someone who can provide information about your experience, activities or achievements so far (for example, the head of the institution or the party you have worked with). Reference letters can be downloaded here.
  • Scan legalized high school / equivalent diplomas.
  • Latest Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Scan KTP / other identity.

How to Apply:
You are strongly advised to register by filling out the form online. However, if the internet connection in your area does not allow you to register online, you can still send the form by post by first confirming to Astria at 021-8302070, 0811-977-2070 (SMS / WA), or via email to

09 August 2019

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