Wednesday, October 7, 2020

[Bachelor and Master Degree] Meiji University International Students Incentive Scholarship Program for 2021, Japan (Fully Funded)

Meiji University International Student Incentive Scholarship Program (here in after referred to as “the Scholarship”) is a financial assistance program to provide an opportunity for young competent students with financial difficulties (from target countries/regions) to study at Meiji University. Students honored with the Scholarship are expected to take part in strengthening the relationship between Japan and their home country. For 2020Admission program, Meiji University set the target countries/regions for the program as follows; The countries that are the members of ASEAN, and are listed on “The DAC List of ODA Recipients"

Target Countries:
Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao P.D.R., Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam

  • (1)The amount equivalent to Examination Fee
  • (2) The amount equivalent to Admission Fee
  • 100% or 50% waiver of following fees of the School / Graduate School the applicant is enrolled;
    • Tuition Fee, Guidance with Major, Educational Development Fee, Experimental Lab Fee, Lab Fee
  • (4) Monthly stipend (JPY100,000)
  • (5) Transportation to Japan upon enrollment; an economy-class airplane ticket to Narita / Tokyo International Airport from the nearest international airport from the applicant’s home address at the time of application.
  • (6) Transportation from Japan upon completion of the degree program; an economy-class return airplane ticket of the route mentioned on (5)


To apply for the scholarship, all applicants must:

  • Have a citizenship of the target countries or regions mentioned above. Applicants with dual nationality are eligible only if ALL nationalities are from of the target country/region.
  • Resides in the target countries/regions at the time of the application (Except students who are enrolled in Meiji University as a MEXT scholar).
  • Obtains an academic grade point total of 2.30 or above in their most recent one year of study (see conversion chart below)
  • Be admitted to Meiji University through admission exams designed for international students.
  • Plan to have resident status of “College Student”.
  • Does not receive any other scholarship.
  • Be motivated to join international networking activities for Meiji University student

Required Document:
All applicants must submit the following documents when applying;
  • {1)Application form (HERE) for Meiji University International Students Incentive Scholarship Program for 2019 Admission (prescribed form)
  • (2) Short essay
    • Current situation and career plans after graduation should be included.
    • Approx.700 words in English or 2,000 letters in Japanese, double-spaced.
  • (3) Income certification of applicant’s guardian (financial sponsor)
    • Submit original documents. (A notarized copy will be required If you cannot submit the original document.)
    • The document should be in English or Japanese. (For documents in other languages, attach an English or Japanese translation notarized by an embassy or other public institution.)
  • (4) Letters of recommendation
    • Two recommendations should be written by an academic advisor / employers you are currently belonged or graduated from are required.
    • The letter should be signed by the recommender, enclosed in an envelope, sealed and signed across the flap by the recommender.
    • The letter should be written in English or Japanese, and contain “Title of the recommender”, “Relations with the applicant”, and “Date”.
  • (5) Copy of the Application Form for the admission exams
    • Submit the photocopy of your Application Form which you submit to the School / Graduate School.
  • (6) Copy of Transcript from your school
    • Submit the photocopy of your academic transcript which you submit to the School / Graduate School.

How to Apply:

Send application documents to:
Ayako MINAMI (Ms.)
International Student Office
Meiji University
1-1 Kanda-surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8301, Japan

2021 Admission and Application Information

Important Notes

  • (1) The application for the scholarship and admission exams is different. You should take necessary actions for each application accordingly. 
  • (2) Grantees will be informed individually after a careful screening of each application. Waiver percentage for expenses mentioned on item4‐(3), and the amount of monthly stipend on item4‐(4) will be determined and informed to each grantee by Meiji University. 
  • (3) The Scholarship may be cancelled in any of the following cases; 
    • - If application documents are found incorrect or false. 
    • - If grantee shows poor academic performance 
    • - If grantee is deemed to be inappropriate for the scholarship award 
  • (4) We do not respond to any inquiries regarding selection results. 
  • (5) Please be careful that first monthly stipend for Spring Admission students will be paid in the end of April, and for Fall Admission students will be paid in the end of October. 
  • (6) Monthly stipend will be paid on condition that scholars sign on the prescribed form once each month to confirm their attendance. If the scholar fails to sign within the month, the scholarship for that month will not be paid. 
  • (7) As the scholar’s responsibility, a submission of an annual “Study Report” and proactive participation in events or activities for international exchange held at Meiji University is required. (If scholars fail to fulfill this responsibility, s/he may lose eligibility as scholar for the succeeding year.) 
  • (8) Scholars may be required to apply for MEXT Scholarship if s/he meets the scholarship qualification. 
  • (9) If you foresee any delay in the postal/courier service due to COVID‐19, please consult with our office beforehand. 
For inquiries, please contact; Atten:
Incentive Scholarship Program 
International Student Office,  Meiji University 

The same date as the application deadline of the admission exam you plan to apply. OR

(Open) October 15, 2020 – (Closed) Wednesday, October 28, 2020

*Please NOTE that all application documents for the scholarship must be sent separately from admission application due by the admission deadline specified by each school.