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[Master Degree] Waseda University MEXT Scholarship International Applicants 2021 , Japan (Fully Funded)

Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems (IPS) Waseda University has been selected for the International Priority Graduate Program (PGP) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

The PGP program, which was created by MEXT to support programs which have international appeal to foreign students, provides priority allocation for government financed foreign students.

Students should apply for the scholarship to IPS. IPS selects students and recommend them to the Japanese Government. The program will continue from 2021 to 2023. A detailed outline of the selected program and the application procedure are as follows.


  • Allowance, travel expenses and school fees (Refer to the admission guide for detailed conditions)
    • (1) Allowance: MA Program: JPY144,000 per month ( Scholarship period: 2 years)
    • (2) Travel expenses:
      • a) Transportation to Japan: In principle, MEXT will provide the scholarship student with an economy class air ticket from the international airport nearest to his/her place of residence to the international airport nearest to Waseda IPS.
      • b) Transportation from Japan: The grantee who returns to his/her home country within the fixed period before the expiration of the scholarship will be supplied, upon application, with an economy class air ticket from the international airport nearest to Waseda IPS to the international airport nearest to his/her place of residence.
    • (3) School fees: MEXT Scholarship students will be exempt from paying the entrance fees and tuitions.



  • Those who have nationalities of the following countries.
  • US, Brazil , Austria , Greece , Croatia , Switzerland , Czech Republic , Hungary , Bulgaria , Poland Romania , Russia , Indonesia , Singapore , Thailand , Philippines , Viet Nam , Malaysia , Myanmar , India, Egypt
  • (2) Age: Those who were born on and after April 2. 1986 ( Those who meet at least one of the following qualifications for application can apply.
    • a) Those who have a bachelor’s degree or are expected to earn such degree before the designated time of arrival in September 2021.
    • b) Those who have completed or who are expected to complete 16 years of school education before the designated time of arrival in September 2021
    • c) Those who are recognized by the I PS as having reached an academic level equivalent to a bachelor’s degree through an individual entrance requirements screening process and scheduled to reach age 22 before the designated time of arrival in September 20 2 1
  • (4) Those who have a minimum GPA of 2.30 on
  •  the evaluation scale given in Appendix 2.
  • (5) If you have graduated or are expected to graduate from a university in a country where English is not the native language, one of the following conditions must be met.
    • Japanese language level: JLPT N2 or N1
    • English language level: Cambridge English 160 or more, GTEC 1190 or more, IELTS 5.5 or more,
    • TEAP 600 or more, TOEFL iBT 72 or more, TOEIC L&R/TOEIC S&W 1560 or more (6
  • Screening fee: JPY 5000

Required Document:
Please download the guide bellow for the list

To apply for this special program, both application documents 1. MEXT and 2. IPS should be submitted. Applicants are required to meet all qualifications stated in MEXT Application Guide and IPS Admission Guide.

How to Apply:
Applicants are required to enclose all the application documents in an envelope and send them to the following address by an international courier service for which you can track the delivery status such as EMS in the case of delivery from overseas or Simplified Registered Mail from a post office in the case of delivery from within Japan. The application documents must reach IPS Admissions Office no later than the prescribed deadline. The IPS Admissions office does not inform applicants whether the application documents have reached or not in any circumstances. Applicants must check delivery status by themselves with tracking number of courier services. IPS Admissions Office does not accept submission in person.

Address to send the application documents:

Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems (IPS),
2-7 Hibikino, Wakamatsuku. Kitakyushushi,
Fukuoka 808-0135 JAPAN
Attn: Admissions Office
* Please clip each document of 1.MEXT and 2.IPS and mail them together.

15 January 2021


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