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SINGAPORE MODEL UNITED NATIONS (SMUN) 2019 - Early Bird Registration, Singapore

As the Secretary-General of Singapore Model United Nations 2019, it is my pleasure to invite you to be part of one of Asia-Pacific’s most prestigious conferences — the 16th Singapore Model United Nations (SMUN) Conference which will be held from the 10th - 13th June 2019!
The National University of Singapore (NUS) Political Science Society (PSSoc) works very hard each year to organise and host a successful, memorable, and enjoyable conference for you. Held in NUS, SMUN 2019 will welcome an internationally diverse pool of pre-tertiary and university students from the Asia-Pacific region.
Since its conception, SMUN has prided itself in the academic rigour of providing a dynamic, immersive experience to its delegates – a tradition which SMUN 2019 will carry forward with its unique mix of committees and topics. Delegates will address many of today’s most controversial and important international topics in 8 committees: Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), World Health Organisation (WHO), World Trade Organisation (WTO), European Council (EC), United Nations Security Council (UNSC), and the Tokugawa Shogunate (Historical Crisis). Futhermore, you will be treated to an immersive dialogue session with our renowned Guests of Honours. In previous editions, SMUN has hosted Foreign Service Officers, Diplomats, Professors, Ministers, and Members of Parliament who have shared their first hand experiences and insights with our delegates. 
We cordially invite the curious and eager among you to discuss, to negotiate, and to collaborate with others, and leave the conference with a passion to affect change in the world where you can make your voice known. Beyond academia, we hope that you find greater value from forming life-long friendships with the like-minded peers you will meet in SMUN. Details about SMUN 2019 can be found on our website as well as our delegate prospectus. However, should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact via our website. We look forward to seeing you at the conference this June!

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The fees payable are as follows:
  • Early Bird Delegate Fees (Local and International): SGD 130 per pax
  • Early Bird Faculty Advisor Fees (Local and International): SGD 60 per pax
  • Early Bird Observer Fees (Local and International): SGD 100 per pax

Once this registration form has been submitted,
1. An email containing details of your registration, as well as payment information, will be sent to your registered email address.
2. Please follow the instructions given in the aforementioned email and proceed to make payment by 7 April 2019, 2359 hrs (GMT +8).
3. An email confirming that we have received your payment will be sent to your email address within 2 working weeks of your payment.
4. Your country and committee allocation will be sent to your email address by 14 April 2019.

PDPA Compliance: Consent to Use of Personal Data for Administrative and Marketing Purposes of SMUN
By completing this registration form, you hereby agree that the Singapore Model United Nations (SMUN) 2019 Secretariat may collect, use and disclose your personal data, for the following purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA):
  • The processing of this registration form and the formal registration as the following:
    • Delegates
    • Observers
    • Faculty Advisors
  • The use of your personal data for marketing and promotional purposes of the SMUN 2019 and SMUN in general by the SMUN 2019 Secretariat, as well as by the National University of Singapore (NUS). Such marketing purposes may include the following (and is not limited to): 
    • Photographs, videos and other such recordable forms of media, of you attending the event. 
    • The use of aforementioned photographs, videos and other forms of recordable media in all of SMUN-owned social media accounts and physical and/or digital forms of publicity materials by SMUN and NUS. 
    • Receiving email updates about SMUN.
  • Neither SMUN nor NUS shall be responsible for photographs and/or videos taken by unauthorised persons during SMUN 2019
As required under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of Singapore, should you wish to withdraw from SMUN 2019 and have your personal data removed from SMUN 2019, please feel free to drop an email to The secretariat will remove your personal data as necessary within fourteen (14) days.

Terms and Condition:
  • SMUN 2019 does not reject participants. Everyone is welcomed to join, however, the recommended age range is between 15 - 25 years old!
  • In order to qualify for Early Bird Registration fees, payment must be made during the Early Bird Registration period (i.e. by 7 April 2019, 2359 hrs (GMT +8)).
  • Only Singapore Government Schools opting to make payment via IFAAS may make payment after Early Bird Registration has ended due to system constraints. However, aforementioned schools must have submitted this registration form before Early Bird Registration ends.
  • SMUN follows a strict no-refund policy once payment has been made.
  • SMUN reserves the right to make changes to any of these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Registration Details: 
Please read the following carefully before indicating which category you will be registering under:
  • There is a cap of 10 Observers for this conference in order to minimise any possible disruption to council debate. Observers will be entertained on a first-pay-first-serve basis.
  • A minimum of 5 Delegates and a maximum of 10 Delegates are required to constitute a Delegation.
  • A Delegation containing more than 10 Delegates will have to register under a separate Delegation.
  • For institutions wishing to send more than 10 Delegates to SMUN 2019, they may register multiple delegations under the same institution or organisation (e.g. Singapore School Delegation 1, Singapore School Delegation 2 etc).
  • Faculty Advisors and Observers may register along with a Delegation. Faculty Advisors and Observers do not add to the minimum and maximum head count of 5 and 10 Delegates in a Delegation respectively.
  • Every School/Institution Delegation requires both a Head Delegate and a Teacher-in-Charge/Faculty Member-in-Charge. Registering Faculty Advisors and/or Observers in a Delegation are optional.
  • Every Independent Delegation must have a Head Delegate, who will serve as the point of contact between the Independent Delegation and the SMUN Secretariat
  • Faculty Advisors are not the equivalent of Faculty Members-in-Charge. Faculty Advisors are paying and active participants of SMUN 2019, Faculty Members-in-Charge are simply a point of contact between the School Delegation and the SMUN Secretariat and are not required to come down to attend the conference.
  • Independent Registrants (i.e. not affiliated to any School/Institution Delegations) interested in double-delegate committees such as the UNSC and EC may register with their partner under 'Independent Delegation'. This is the only exception to Point 2. Any other Delegations with fewer than 5 Delegates will automatically be forfeited and registrants will be registered separately as an 'Independent Delegate'.
  • If you are unsure of which category you fall under, please do not hesitate to contact us at for further clarification.
07 April 2019 (Early Bird Registration)

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