Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Master Degree Scholarships at Swedish Institute for Global Professionals, Sweden [Fully Funded]

The Swedish Institute (Swedish: Svenska Institutet, SI) is a Government agency in Sweden with the responsibility to spread information about Sweden outside the country. It exists to promote Swedish interests, and to organise exchanges with other countries in different areas of public life, in particular in the spheres of culture, education, and research.
The main office of the Swedish Institute is located in Gamla stan in central Stockholm. There is also a branch abroad; the Swedish Cultural Centre in Paris (French: Centre Culturel Su├ędois). The agency has approximately 90 members of staff and its board is appointed by the Government of Sweden.

We grant scholarships to a large number of master’s programmes starting in the autumn semester 2020. Check the list of master’s programmes that are eligible for SI Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) for the academic year 2020/2021.
  • To begin with, apply for a master’s programme at universityadmissions.se, between 16 October 2019 – 15 January 2020.
  • Apply for an SI scholarship between 10-20 February 2020, follow the instructions below.
An estimated 300 scholarships will be available for full-time master’s degree studies in Sweden starting in the autumn semester 2020.

The competition for SI scholarships is very high. Usually 2-6 % of the applicants are awarded an SISGP scholarship. We recommend that you also look for other scholarship opportunities from your government, from organisations in your country, or from Swedish universities.

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* The travel grant is a one-time payment for the entire study period. The grant is not applicable to students already living in Sweden.

  • To be eligible for SISGP, you must have had at least 3,000 hours’ work experience
  • Applicants must be from an eligible country*
  • You must be able to demonstrate your previous leadership experience. The experience may be demonstrated through for instance previous work experience, or involvement in civil society organisations.
  • You must be liable to pay tuition fees to Swedish universities, have followed the steps of university admission, and be admitted to one of the eligible master’s programmes by 3 April 2020.
Read more about the eligibility criteria at the official website.

*Citizens of the following countries are eligible to apply to SISGP: Bangladesh; Bolivia; Brazil; Cambodia; Cameroon; Colombia; Ecuador; Egypt; Ethiopia; Gambia; Ghana; Guatemala; Honduras; Indonesia; Jordan; Kenya; Liberia; Malawi; Morocco; Myanmar (Burma); Nepal; Nigeria; Pakistan; Peru; Philippines; Rwanda; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Tanzania; Tunisia; Uganda; Vietnam; Zambia; Zimbabwe.

How To Apply and Deadline:
  • To begin with, apply for up to four eligible master’s programmes at universityadmissions.se by 15 January 2020.
  • Apply for an SI scholarship between 10-20 February 2020, following the instructions at the official website. The application form will be available in10 february 2020

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