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MEXT Scholarship - Japanese Studies Program 2020 (non-degree program) for Indonesian Citizen, Japan (Fully Funded)

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho / MEXT) offers scholarships for undergraduate students majoring in literature or Japanese language education to study for one year at universities in Japan. This program aims to deepen understanding of Japanese language and culture. This program is a non-degree program. Participants who have completed this program will get a certificate.

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  • Tuition is fully borne.
  • Life allowance of approximately 117,000 yen / month
  • Flight tickets go home Indonesia - Japan. (1 Time)
  • Free of charge for making student visas.
  • Some universities provide dormitories. Fees are paid for the living allowance given. For universities that do not provide dormitories, universities can help find housing if needed.
  • No official ties

  • Active students at S1 level majoring in literature or Japanese language education
  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • Maximum age of 29 years on April 1, 2020 (born between April 2, 1990 and April 1, 2002).
  • Minimum semester 3 students.
  • Recommended by the institution where you are currently studying, based on internal selection at each institution.
  • Physically and mentally healthy (ie physical and mental health conditions that will not interfere with the course while in Japan).
  • Not yet going to attend the thesis trial during the selection process or when it has been designated as a scholarship recipient.
  • Applicants must return to Indonesia immediately and continue their studies after the scholarship ends.
  • Applicants who have one of the following conditions / situations cannot register for this scholarship program. Please read the following link ( click here –pdf )

Required Document:

  • Cover letter from the head of department.
    The letter contains a list of students recommended by the head of the department. Letters are made in Japanese or English.
  • Online registration confirmation e-mail confirmation sheet , which contains the applicant's test number (learn the REGISTRATION PROCEDURE section points 2-3).
  • Application Form 2019 .
  • Color photos .
    Formal. Free background color. Taken in the last 6 months, the size of 3.5x4.5 cm (size 3x4 is allowed). Photographs are attached to the box to attach photos to the Registration Form (Application Form).
  • Placement Preference Application Form 2019 .
    The form must be filled in Japanese. Download here: .Choose a maximum of 3 universities contained in the "Course Guide of Japanese Studies 2019 Program". The new Course Guide link can be accessed in mid-December 2018. Please refresh this page regularly
  • Photocopy of grade transcripts from the first semester to the present.
    Value transcripts in Japanese or English, legalized / stamped by the university.
  • Student Certificate .
    A letter explaining that applicants are students from the department and university. The letter must be accompanied by a description of the place and date of birth of the student, and made in Japanese or English . One letter for one student.
  • Letter of recommendation from the head of department or supervisor .
    The letter of recommendation is written in Japanese or English. Free format or use the form provided ( download here - word ).
  • Photocopy of Nihongo Noryoku Shiken / JLPT Certificate (if any).

How To Apply:
  • Only applicants who meet the requirements can register.
  • Applicants register online first through the following website:
  • After registering online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please print the e-mail and please remember the Exam Number you received. If within 5 minutes you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please check the spam box on your e-mail.
  • Complete the required documents. A list of documents can be seen in the previous description.
  • Files sent or submitted directly to: 
    Bagian Informasi dan Kebudayaan (Pendidikan)
    Kedutaan Besar Jepang
    Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 24. Jakarta 10350
  • file submissions are carried out collectively and with recommendations from the relevant agencies, not individuals.
    Please write the code "Japanese Studies 2020" on the top right of the envelope.
  • Not receiving files sent via online motorcycle taxi services.
  • The file must arrive at the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta no later than 13 JANUARY 2020 .
  • Only applicants with complete and accepted documents do not exceed the deadline to be processed. Documents that have been sent to the Japanese Embassy cannot be returned for any reason. 


13 January 2020

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