Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Virtual Youth Summit 2020 by Global Changemakers (Scholarship Available)

#VYS2020 will take place online from 24-28 April, 2020 with up to 3000 young changemakers joining in globally.

​At the summit we will be celebrating and connecting changemakers from around the world who share a passion to create a better future. Participants will attend webinars and Q&A sessions with expert guests as well as facilitated networking sessions with other young changemakers online over five days.

The theme of #VYS2020 is ‘A Decade for Action: The Role of Young People in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals‘ and all sessions will be impact focused and youth-centered. Over the course of the summit, participants will hear from and have the chance to engage with over 30 experienced changemakers from over 25 countries and working on all 17 SDGs, from youth-led NGOs to the private sector to media to the United Nations. They will also have the opportunity to meet with other participants each day through networking sessions and join our Global Changemakers community Facebook group to keep the interaction going long after #VYS2020.

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All donations raised through registration will go towards supporting youth to create positive change in their communities. 

Virtual Youth Summit 2020 ScholarshipHey there, we are so excited that you would like to attend the #VYS2020!
We are going to make the recordings of the summit available for a period of time after the event has taken place for people who are unable to make a donation. If you leave your details below, we will send you an email with the recordings. Apply HERE for Scholarship 

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