Wednesday, August 28, 2019

[Bachelor, Master ,and PhD Degree] Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship 2020, Japan

Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship for applicants residing abroad is for overseas students scheduled to enroll in a Japanese university / graduate school. All Rotary International District in Japan will open for 2020 enrollment.

Applicants are expected to have Japanese language proficiency: to understand basic Japanese: JLPT N4 level.

Applicants have to find out and apply for Japanese universities / graduate schools by themselves before applying for this scholarship. Those who enroll in undergraduates are requested to submit a copy of the application for admission for the university / graduated school. Those who enroll in graduate schools are requested to submit a recommendation letter from a supervisor / professor of the applicants’ targeted graduate school.

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  • (1)Undergraduates 100,000 yen per month
  • (2)Master’s students 140,000 yen per month
  • (3)Doctoral students 140,000 yen per mont
  • Forsuccessful applicants, up to 250,000 yen in Japanese yen will besubsidized for actual expenses. 
  • Subsidyrange:
    Travel expensesfor the first visit to Japan after selected.(Including connecting flight ticket fares fromhome country to Japan), domestic travel expenses in order to travel to Japan both in home country and Japan, accommodation expenses for the first day in Japan
  • The travel expenses are regulated to economy class fees only.
  • All relevant receipts must be submitted to the secretariat.
  • All subsidies will be granted either at the orientation session or the first sewaclub meeting.
*Research students are not eligible.

Overseas students who meet all the following requirements are eligible to apply for this scholarship
  • (1)Citizenship & Place of Residence
    • Those who do not have Japanese citizenship (for dual nationality holders, Japanese nationality holders are not eligible.)
    • Those who reside outside of Japan (Those who already reside in Japan are not eligible to apply.)(
  • 2)Enrolling institution and Enrollment permission
    • Those who plan to enter or transfer in to a university or graduate school recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, in April or September/October 2020 with the intention to obtain a degree.
    • Those who have an issued letter of acceptance/admission from an intended school, including a university that has an admission system prior to arrival in Japan,or those who are in the process of undertaking entrance exams of an intended school.
    • For undergraduate students who have yet not received a letter of acceptance/admission, a copy of the application must be submitted.
    • For graduate students who have yet not received a letter of acceptance/admission,a letter of recommendation from your supervisor,at your intended school must be submitted.
    • Those who have stayed in Japan for study purpose are not eligible. However, those under the following conditions are eligible.
      • -Purpose of staying and studying in Japan is by agreement between universities for participation of pre-enrollment training and/or orientation.
      • -Purpose of staying and studying in Japan was by participating in a Rotary Youth exchange program.
  •  3)Scholastic and Health Requirements
    • As an overseas exchange student, all applicants are expected to have an enthusiasm for study and clear-cut future goal, an awareness and respect for cultural differences, the ability to express oneself fluently and to communicate smoothly, and both mental and physical healthi n good condition.
  • (4)Field of Study
    • All fields are eligible
  • (5)Japanese Language Ability
    • The ability to understand basic Japanese(JPLT N4 level)is expected. After arriving in Japan, scholars are required to make an effort to communicate in Japanese in order to create and strengthen friendship ties with the Japanese Rotarians.
  • (6)Age limitation
    • Applicant must be bornafter April 1st, 1975.(Under 45 years of age)
  • (7) Ban of Dual scholarships
    • It is prohibited to receive scholarships and/or grants given to individuals from other institutions of the same kind. If you wish to receive other scholarships after selected,you must offer to decline by the following deadline.I. April 2020expected applicant’s deadline: March 1, 2020 II. October /September2020 expected applicant’s deadline: August 1, 2020
  • (8)Previous Yoneyama Scholars are not eligible.


When applying, please download and use the following documents:

How To Apply:
Application documents should be sent by email to the foundation.

15 December 2019