Monday, December 17, 2018

[Bachelor Degree] The Beacon Scholarship 2019-20 in UK for University Students

The Beacon Scholarship is an initiative by the Beacon Equity trust; to develop leadership among talented East African individuals. The scholarships given each year serve the cause to nurture ‘change-makers’. The organization believes that young people with leadership potential must succeed regardless of their financial status. The scholarship has provided bright students with the access to high quality education in the top ranked universities in the world. Leadership training and ‘high-touch’ mentorship is also prioritized. Through these program, a vertical pathway for transition into leadership positions have been created. The vision is to develop a group of ethical change-makers who have a multiplier effect to generate positive social change. 
The Beacon scholars have shown outstanding dedication to their society and have proceeded to achieve for their communities after their under-graduation. 
The trust was founded in 2009. It is an educational charity and it works to support the Beacon Scholarship. It takes private donations and operates in the UK and East Africa. 
The organization hopes that its graduates will work to make a real difference in their home countries and achieve a significant leadership position. Educating thousands is a difficult task, and therefore, the scholarship chooses few exceptional young minds who will positively impact others and lead them towards a promising future.

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  • Up to five scholarships will be given.
  • The partner universities are, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, London School of Economics, and University of Surrey.


  • Only students who are 18-21 of age are eligible.
  • The applicant must have strong academics. The requirements vary by course. They must have more than one active ECA.
  • The entrants must be shown to have commitment for their community and people who are less fortunate than they are.
  • They must have excellent command in English.
  • The parents/guardian/sponsor of the scholar should be able to pay at least one third of the total cost of tuition, maintenance, and travel. It is estimated to be $15,000-$20,000 annually. Eligible
  • Regions: East African Countries

How To Apply:
  • To begin the process of application, a candidate must first register and download a Nomination Form which must be completed by the Head of their current secondary school. HERE
  • The Nomination Form requires an endorsement that the candidate has strong academic and leadership potential, and the capability for successful completion of an undergraduate programme of study at a world-class university.
  • Once the candidate has an offer for entry into a Beacon Partner University, they will be required to complete a full Beacon Scholarship Application Form and Financial Disclosure which will be sent to them.

27 February 2019

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