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[Bachelor, Master, Doctoral Degree] Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Program” of Tianjin University (Fully Funded)

Tianjin University school of International Education was established in January 2000, it is one of the secondary schools of Tianjin University. The school of International Educational takes enrollment, teaching administration, social administration and services functions of international students at Tianjin University for its main task, and also undertakes the Chinese language teaching for international students.
The school is composed of Department the Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Office of the School, Admission Office of International Students, Section of International Students Administration, Section of International Students Dormitory and Section of Catering. There are more than 40 regular members in the school including teachers, managerial and service staffs, of them, 8 people have senior professional titles, 13 people have master degrees, 3 persons are studying for doctorate.
The school of International Educational has been carrying on the fine tradition and sprit of running school which formed in the course of development for more than 110 years of Tianjin University, by relying on the abundant actual force and advantages of running school, gave full play to the experiences of international student education for over 50 years, positively carry out the guideline of state international students education in new period, adhere to the sprit of developing, pioneering, innovation and advance with the times, has been made the scale of international student of Tianjin University to expanded unceasingly in several years. The level and quality of teaching has remarkably enhanced and attracted more and more international students study atTianjin University. In recent years, there have been over 1000 international students at different levels coming to this university each year and this data has placed the forward rank among the national science and engineering universities and local universities. 

In order to deepen the education cooperation with the“Belt and Road”countries and to cultivate professionals for these countries, the Ministry of Education P.R.C has set up the "Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Program" since 2017. This scholarship program is provided to China's high-level universities for recruiting the outstanding young students from "Belt and Road" countries to pursue degrees in China.

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  • Tuition waiver and accommodation on campus; 
  • Monthly Living Allowance: 
    • RMB/month for Bachelor students;
    • 3,000 RMB/month for Master students; 
    • 3,500 RMB/month for PhD students; 
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance.
  • Applicants must be a citizen of countries along the Belt and Road, and be in good health; (Name list of the countries, please refer to: https://eng.yidaiyilu.gov.cn/info/iList.jsp?cat_id=10076
  • Requirements for applicants’ degree and age: 
    • Applicant applying for a Bachelor degree should hold a high school diploma and be under the age of 25 ; 
    • Applicant applying for a Master degree should hold a Bachelor diploma and be under the age of 35;
    • Applicant applying for a PhD degree should hold a Master diploma and be under the age of 40.
Field of Study:
  • For Bachelor Programs taught in Chinese, HERE
  • For Master Programs taught in Chinese, HERE
  • For Master Programs taught in English, HERE
  • For PhD Programs, HERE

Required Document:
Applicants must submit the following application materials (in duplicate):
  • Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship Program (one original & one copy)
  • Original Notarized certificate of the Highest Diploma
  • Original Notarized certificate of the Academic Transcripts:
  • A Study or Research Plan (For Master & PhD Applicants)
  • Two Recommendation Letters (For Master & PhD Applicants) (please click 1 or 2)
  • Photocopy of Passport;
  • Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (please click)
  • Form of Provisional Acceptance of International Student by TJU Professor (For Master & PhD Applicants)
  • Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Self-introduction Video
  • Applicant needs to submit a 5-minute self-introduction video in Chinese or English (recorded in a USB)
  • Applicant for art studies is required to submit two sketches of the applicant’s own works.


Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship Program http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua/
Foreigner Physical Examination Form
Bachelor Program
Master Program
PhD Program
Master Recommendation Letter
PhD Recommendation Letter
Master Self-description
PhD Self-description
Form for Provisional Acceptance of International Student by TJU Professor 

10 March 2019

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