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UTRIP Summer Internship in Japan 2020 at University of Tokyo (Fully Funded)

Applications are Now open to Apply for the Fully Funded UTRIP Summer Internship in Japan 2020. The UTRIP Internship in Japan will be at the University of Tokyo. UTRIP 2020 is a Fully Funded & All Cost will be Covered in Japan Internship Program.

UTRIP Stands For University of Tokyo Research Internship Program. Science Internship in Tokyo. The Duration of the UTRIP Internship 2020 will be 6 weeks. Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the Japan Internship program. Enjoy Summer Internship Program Japan.

This is a paid internship in Japan. The internship Japan for international students is a Great Opportunity to complete Summer Internship in Japan & explore & they will see the Door open towards their Future Career. The Undergraduate students can apply for the UTRIP Internship in Japan.
Benefit/Financial Aid:
  • Financial support to cover participation expenses:
  •  UTRIP participants will be granted financial support to cover their costs and expenses in two forms: 
    • (1) The Graduate School of Science (GSS) Scholarship for UTRIP-Related Expenses ("GSS-UTRIP Scholarship"), and 
    • (2) the FUTI Award (Friends of UTokyo, Inc.)
      Please note that the FUTI Award is applicable to students who are currently enrolled in U. S. universities regardless of their citizenship. When an applicant is selected to receive the FUTI Award, he or she cannot concurrently receive a GSS-UTRIP Scholarship. A GSS-UTRIP Scholarship will be applicable when an application to the FUTI Award is rejected by the sponsor.Round-trip Airfare support (up to JPY 100,000) 
  • Free Accommodation provided 
  • Stipend (JPY 60,000)
  • I. Graduate School of Science (GSS) Scholarship for UTRIP-Related Expenses ("GSS-UTRIP Scholarship") One-time Allowance:
    • University location of the selected UTRIP participant Allowance amount
      • Asia / Eastern Russia / Oceania & Pacific Regions 140,000JPY
      • Europe / Western Russia / North America 160,000JPY
      • Latin America & the Caribbean / Africa / Middle East 170,000JPY
    • *Regions in Russia to the east of the Ural Mountains are counted as "Eastern Russia", and those to the west of the Ural Mountains are counted as "Western Russia".
    • This allowance will be provided to cover both the round trip airfare to Japan and daily expenses such as transportation in Japan.
    • Housing: As part of the GSS-UTRIP Scholarship, free housing will be provided for the duration of the stay (43 nights).
    • Note:
    • Payment of the One-time Allowance will be made upon the student's arrival at UTokyo.
    • Receiving any financial support other than the GSS-UTRIP scholarship for the same coverage period and/or for the same purpose is restricted for GSS-UTRIP scholarship recipients.
  • II. FUTI (Friends of UTokyo, Inc.) Summer Internship Award ("FUTI Award")
    • Friends of UTokyo, Inc. (FUTI) agreed to the underlying principle in the UTRIP program and decided to offer a few to several awards (up to $ 4,000 per student) to outstanding students.
    • The FUTI Award is an internship award to students enrolled in U.S. universities regardless of their citizenship.
    • Selection to the award will be made by the selection committee of FUTI. When a U.S. student applying for the UTRIP program is interested in the FUTI Award, they should separately apply for the FUTI Award through their website.
    • You can read the reports submitted by the FUTI awardees participating in UTRIP in the past years at the web pages below:
    • https://www.friendsofutokyo.org/category/recipient/utrip/

  • Have completed at least one full year in a Bachelor's degree program at the time of application.
  • Be enrolled in and, after participating in UTRIP, be expected to return to, a Bachelor's degree program (or a Bachelor's-equivalent year of an integrated Bachelor's-Master's degree program) at a university outside of Japan. (At selection, the priority for nomination is given to applicants currently in their third year of a four-year Bachelor's degree program and to applicants expected to be in their second year of a three-year Bachelor's degree program. Students in other years are also encouraged to apply.)
  • Be enrolled in a natural science or related field.
  • Be thinking of pursuing long-term career goals in a scientific area.
  • Be planning to commit to the entire six consecutive weeks of the UTRIP program, June 10 to July 21*, 2020, on a full-time basis.
  • Be able to present coverage of a health insurance plan that is effective during the internship program before arriving in Japan.
  • English proficiency: test scores of TOEFL or an equivalent English proficiency test (such as IELTS) are required if English is not your first language. Test scores that have already expired are accepted, as long as the applicant is still able to produce proof of the test scores upon request by the UTRIP office. Students who have received an English-medium education continuously for the past 8 years are exempted from submitting English proficiency test scores.
*Note: Due to logistical issues arising from the 2020 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo, UTRIP2020 has this one program period only. Around 10 participants will be selected in 2020.

    How To Apply:
    All required documents  are required to be submitted online. Please note that original official transcripts will be required for enrollment purposes if applicants are successfully selected for UTRIP.
     There are no "save" functions on this application system. Note that each applicant is responsible for the completeness of his or her own application. We cannot respond to any inquiries asking whether any specific applications submitted on our system have been judged to be valid.

    10 January 2020

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