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[Bachelor Degree] The Bazma Pertamina Scholarship Program Batc V for Indonesia Citizen, Indonesia (Fully Funded)

The Bazma Pertamina Scholarship Program is a scholarship program to students who have the spirit to continue to grow and develop however have limited access in economic terms. Assistance is also included this program, specifically improving soft skills and requiring active participation in the Circle of Friends Cross Campus Scholars. The target of this program, besides being active in various organizations and successful in academics, scholarship recipients must also attend the Tahfidz Quran and other self-development programs.

Pertamina Bazma Scholarship in 2019 partners with 14 (fourteen) Universities in Indonesia include:
1. Universitas Indonesia (UI)
2. Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB)
3. Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ)
4. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI)
5. Universitas Padjajaran (UNPAD)
6. Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ)
7. Universitas Islam Asy-Syafi’iyah (UIA)
8. Universitas Indraprasta PGRI (UNINDRA)
9. Institut Perguruan Tinggi Ilmu Al Quran (PTIQ) Jakarta
10. Sekolah Tinggi Ekonomi Islam SEBI (STEI SEBI)

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  • Reimbursement of education costs and assistance with living expenses;
  • Self-development program;
  • Support for selected final assignments;
  • Opportunities to volunteer at the Pertamina Bazma Foundation;
  • Annual meeting of Pertamina Bazma Scholars in Indonesia.

  • Indonesian Citizen (Attach KTP and KK);
  • Active students in the Regular Undergraduate program 2017 class;
    (* Especially for PNJ, scholarships are for students of regular D3 and D4 programs regular)
  • Not currently receiving a scholarship from another institution / institution (attach a letter information from campus);
  • Active in campus / off campus organizations (attach a statement from the organization who shelter it); 
  • Coming from a family in need (attach SKTM / Parents Salary Slips / letters information on parents' income); 
  • Non-active smokers (enclose a statement stamped with 6000);
  • Attach a creative CV;
  • Writing essays.
    • Essay theme; "Inilah saya bagi keluarga dan kontribusi yang telah, sedang, dan akan saya berikan untuk Indonesia"; 
    • Write an essay into a personal blog (500 to 700 words) with the keyword "Beasiswa Bazma Pertamina"(blog display is not included in the assessment);
    • c. Enter the blog link into the online registration form.
      (Description: Blog appearance is not included in the assessment)

How to Apply: 
  • Register online at , follow provisions and fill in all data at all stages of online registration and upload data required;
  • If the entire process of filling and uploading the data has been completed, click Submit to end registration process. Registrants who have completed the online registration process will get feedback in the form of proof of registration;
  • Print the registration proof sheet. 

For further information needs, registrants can consult via the contact at each campus:
  • UI                               Hangestya Dyah Utami      0812 9217 2899 
  • IPB                             Arzaq Tahara Fitwantyo    0821 2471 5228
  • UNJ                            Diaz Miftakhul Jannah      0821 1437 7011
  • UPI                             Risna Rahmawati              0821 2087 2638
  • UNPAD                      Rizki Syahalam                 0821 2844 0404
  • PNJ                             Wiwit Puspita Utami        0812 9963 5490
  • UGM                          Sofiatul Hardiah               0812 8015 1477
  • UNDIP                       Ihda Kamila                      0812 1121 8124
  • UIA                             Nadia Aryani Putri           0812 8581 4584
  • UNINDRA                 Dear Liana                        0812 9560 8539
  • Institut PTIQ & IIQ   Nur Ilham Arifuddin        0812 1127 8196
  • STEI SEBI                 Nur Rahayu                      0852 1985 3235
    UIKA                         Irfan Nursandi                  0822 4936 7180 

15 February 2019

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