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[Bachelor Degree] International Excellence Scholarship 2019 at University of Andrews, Scotland

Founded in 1413, the University of St Andrews is Scotland’s oldest and highest-ranking university. Ranked 92nd in the world, it’s particularly competitive in the following subjects:
  • Theology, divinity and religious studies
  • Philosophy
  • Arts and Humanities
The University of St Andrews is comprised of a number of Academic Schools and Departments, which are organised into four Faculties. Each School is led by a Head of School, and supported by a number of academic and professional staff. The University has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading research and teaching centres over the last 600 years. Today, the university offers a flexible degree structure based on the student’s choice of subject specialism or research, creating an environment which nurtures inquisitive minds and a culture of shared learning.The International Excellence Scholarship gives students with need a chance to be a part of this extraordinary institute. The University of St Andrews also offers a broad range of postgraduate studies, with over 1,000 postgraduates studying in one of its four Faculties of Arts, Divinity, Medicine and Science. The scale of the university allows it to compete successfully to fund ground-breaking research, while being small enough to provide individual attention to its students.

The International Excellence Scholarship is available to international students who will be studying at St Andrews for an undergraduate degree starting in 2019 with an overseas fee status. The Selection Committee seeks applicants who are gifted students with academic excellence. The successful scholars will be expected to fulfill an ambassadorial role and represent the University at a number of events. St Andrews is a unique and captivating place, and the University is a key part of its charm. Seven centuries of history link the students with the town, leading to the ancient and yet modern institution apparent today.

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Successful applicants will be granted £25,000 annually for the duration of the student’s undergraduate programme to cover tuition fees and a contribution towards living costs.

  • Any overseas student (not EU) can apply for the scholarship. They must be applying for an undergraduate degree and must be an entrant in 2019.
  • All subjects excluding Medicine are available. 

Other criteria
  • Only available to students entering their first year of an undergraduate degree (this includes direct entry into year two of course).
  • The Selection Committee seeks applicants who are gifted students with academic excellence. The successful scholars will be expected to fulfil an ambassadorial role and represent the University at a number of events.
  • You will be required to provide a statement of motivation in support of your application (not more than 250 words). This should include your reasons for applying for the Scholarship, explaining how you would expect to benefit from the opportunities the award provides, and describing how you think you might contribute to the community while studying at the University of St Andrews.
  • Recipients of the scholarship will be expected to engage with our Student Ambassadors Scheme. Work through the scheme is varied, but will likely entail engaging in outreach activities and assisting our Admissions staff with events aimed at prospective students and offer holders to help share your experience of being a student at St Andrews.
  • You will also be required to provide two references; both an academic and personal letter of recommendation (not more than 200 words each). The academic reference could be from a teacher, college counsellor or someone who knows your academic capabilities well. The personal reference should be given from a non-family member who will serve as a personal character reference. For example an academic advisor who is aware of your personal attributes, a current or former employer, senior staff member in an organisation where you have volunteered. 

How to Apply:

Applicants who have applied for a course at the University of St Andrews, but are waiting to hear if they have been offered a place, can apply for scholarships by logging into 'My application' and following these steps:
  • Access your application by choosing 'Log in' above. Applicants should wait until the next working day after submitting their application to study at St Andrews before attempting to access 'My application'.
  • Choose Scholarships and funding, found under 'Useful links'.
  • Choose View the scholarships and funding catalogue.
  • In 'Funding search', enter the academic year you are applying to, the award type (if you are applying for the Accommodation Award, choose 'Accommodation' for award type instead of 'Tuition and maintenance') and the study level. Ignore the country of domicile and school boxes. Choose Refresh list.
  • You will now find a list of many scholarships. To find a specific scholarship, search for the name in the Filter box.
  • You can then proceed to apply for a particular scholarship. If an answer you give indicates you are ineligible for that fund (for example, you are applying for a scholarship that is for applicants living in Hong Kong, but you enter that you do not live in China) your application will be rejected by the software. If you have entered an answer in error, you can edit your application details to correct them and re-apply for that fund.
If you have any problems or need assistance applying for scholarships, please email
20 January 2019