Friday, March 15, 2019

Ambergris Essay Competition (For Indonesian) 2019, (Win Trip to Maldives)

Hello Young Generation! (Indonesian only) Be unstoppable in 2019. mHave you already prepared for the new resolution? Time to shine with Ambergris...The 2019 Essay Competition is now open. All of participants will get e- certificate.

As we know, our oceans and marine's lifes are being threatened with a lots of burning issues like garbage especially from plastic trash, global warming, environmental pollution, chemical contamination, ewaste, and many other cases What do you think about this issue? Do you have any idea to solve the world's environmental issues especially ocean related issues #SDG14 ? From zero to hero for our ocean


  • All who have followed the procedure will get an e-certificate
  • 1st place gets a trip to Maldives for 3 days 2 nights
  • 2nd place gets a trip to Thailand for 3 days 2 nights
  • Also 3rd place winner will get one bicycle unit
  • 3 favorite essays will get IDR 500,000 in cash
  • 5 payment and collection of the fastest essays will get IDR 50,000

The theme of this ambergris essay contest is "What is the latest idea, action, and resolution 2019 in order to realize the 14th SDG's (Sustainability of Underwater Life)
  • Subtema 
    • The right action must be taken to show the ranking level of pollution of marine plastic waste experienced by Indonesia in the eyes of the world
    • How to overcome or minimize problems of damage and extinction in marine biota
    • Efforts to treat waste, both liquid, electronic, cosmetic, and other (besides plastic), are high value-for-use goods
    • Creating a plastic substitute that is more environmentally friendly, especially for the sea

Registration fee
  • Registration fees and donations amount to Rp. 100,000, - per essay work

General Requirements:
  • Popular scientific essays are original, individual works and have never been published before.
  • Essays are written in good Indonesian, according to EYD
  • Participants are Indonesian youth aged 14-32 years
  • Make a payment for the registration fee and donation according to the provisions. To the MANDIRI account number: 108-00-105008-9 a.n Debi Olivia Sari
  • A maximum of 2 works per participant
  • Participants must share the info and posters of this competition to 5 whatsapp / line groups and must follow the @ ambergris.official Instagram account. All evidence in screenshot / capture and send to number 085757144763 (admin)
  • Topics according to themes and sub themes
  • Objective and does not contain SARA elements
  • Supported with data and facts.

Essay Provisions
  • The original essay of the work itself, has never been published, uses language according to EYD and does not contain SARA
  • Essay works typed using Ms Word and sent in pdf format.
  • Essays are made with interesting ideas as possible based on the chosen sub-theme
  • The essay manuscript must be at least 2 sheets maximum (not including covers and attachments)
  • The writing structure has cober, introduction, content, closing, and bibliography
  • Writing format:
    • Font: Times New Roman
    • Size: 12 pt
    • Space: 1.5
    • Margins: right, up and down 3 cm and left 4 cm
  • Must include the reference data source, and if there is a footnote attached.
  • Works that have been chosen as winners will be the property of ambergris, and can be reproduced and published (by including the name of the author)
How to Apply:

Apply HERE

  • 08 January-18 March 2019 = Registration, payment, collection of essays
  • March 23, 2019 = Deadline for collecting essays
  • March 30, 2019 = Announcement of winners
  • April 02 2019 = Delivery of e-certificate


18 March 2019 (Registration)
23 March 2019 ( Collecting Essay)

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