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Professional Exchange - Program Indonesia USA70th Youth Ambassadors 2019, USA

#IndonesiaUSA70th Youth Ambassadors is a collaborative program between Outstanding Youth for the World (OYTW) from the Government of Indonesia and the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) from the United States Government.

OYTW has been held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2011, by sending Indonesian young people who excel abroad, in order to expand networks and insights. Countries that have been visited are, the United States, Japan, Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Australia, so that the implementation of OYTW 2019 to the United States is the eighth time.

IVLP is the main professional exchange program that has been held by the Department of State (DoS) since 1940. Through a short visit to the United States, participants will discuss directly with counterparts. Indonesia has participated in the IVLP program since 1952.

The participants will travel for 3 (three) weeks to several cities in the United States in October - November 2019, where they will meet with government officials, professionals, religious leaders, academics and ethnic groups, to experience first hand American culture and social life. . Participants will be accompanied by project liaison during the activity.

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Program Objectives:

  • Highlighting political, social, and economic cooperation between Indonesia and the United States
  • Demonstrate cultural and religious diversity in Indonesia and the United States
  • Facilitating the common view on strengthening democracy and providing insight into the federal government system and US foreign policy
  • Introducing educational institutions in the United States, including the youth movement and innovators.
  • Strengthening relations between young leaders from Indonesia and the United States
  • Participant Requirements:
  • Indonesian citizens aged between 18-25 years (as of June 1, 2019)
  • Participants are students (D3, S-1, S-2) from various scientific disciplines and backgrounds
  • Good English and Indonesian skills
  • Active on social media
  • Have a leadership spirit and are active in social organizations
  • High academic ability (GPA ≥ 3 scales 4)
  • Not the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) or members of the TNI and Polri
  • Have never attended an OYTW and IVLP program

Documents submitted:
  • Registration Form can be downloaded HERE, please fill it correctly and sign it.
  • Essay with the theme "70 Years Indonesia-USA Diplomatic Relations; What's Next? "
    • Essai in English
    • A total of 700-1,000 words, including a maximum Executive Summary of 100 words
    • Arial 12 spacing 1.5 letters with 2 cm margin on all sides
    • Can enter charts and tables
    • Essays must be original and have never been published before
    • Essay given file name: OYTW2019_E_Nama Lengkap_Asal Province
  • Close up size photos and entire body, with a maximum size of 1 Mb each.
  • A copy of the Student ID that is still valid.
  • Vlog with the theme "Why should I be chosen as # Indonesia US 70th Youth Ambassador?"
    • Vlog uses English
    • The duration is between 30-60 seconds
    • Must be uploaded on Youtube
    • Vlogs are named: OYTW2019_V_Nama Lengkap_Asal Province

How to Apply:

Documents in Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 can be sent to e-mail at, while for Number 5, simply include the YouTube link on Registration Form.


  • During the selection process the prospective participants are free of charge;
  • The committee does not accept any documents and items outside the prescribed documents
  • The decision of the Committee is absolute and binding
  • The participants must obey and obey the rules and decisions issued by the Committee
  • For more information, participants can contact the Committee at:
Directorate of Public Diplomacy
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Phone: +62 21 381 3480
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