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[Bachelor Degree] Internship Program at Presidential Staff Office Republic of Indonesia - Satu Data Indonesia Administrator (, Indonesia

The Office of the Presidential Staff (KSP) is a non-structural institution that is under and is responsible to the President. KSP is tasked with providing support to the President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia in implementing control of national priority programs, political communication, and management of strategic issues.

Satu Data Indonesia is an Indonesian Government initiative to improve the quality and utilization of government data. The use of government data is not limited to its use for policy making, but also as a form of meeting the needs of public data for the public.

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  • Can study data systems and governance in Indonesia
  • Can expand networking to various government agencies and other stakeholders
  • Can study and analyze government data and related agencies
  • Get guidance from the Presidential Staff Office Expert
  • Certificates and letters of recommendation (according to performance assessment)

Basic Requirements:
  • Final level students or new graduates
  • Commit until the internship period is complete
  • Eager, innovative and independent
  • Having strong interest and high desire to learn in the government sector
  • Dedicated to advancing Indonesia.

Job Type:
  • Communication Specialist (CS) 
    • Description:
      • Leading the preparation and dissemination of communication materials
      • Ensure communication material meets Indonesian language standards
      • Ensure communication material is conveyed to the public through Satu Data Indonesia digital media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
      • Build and maintain good relations with Satu Data Indonesia partners
      • Increase the impression and involvement of the public through digital media
      • Processing and narrating open data into infographics
      • Initiating community development activities.
      • Accustomed to using social media and understanding how each platform works.
      • Understanding Indonesian grammar that is good and correct
    • General Qualifications:
      • Interested in and understanding data analysis, and being able to transform into an interesting narrative
      • Able to communicate well and interesting through writing and verbally
  • Visual Design Specialist (DS) 
    • Description:
      • Collaborate with communications specialists and programming specialists to translate ideas into visual forms
      • Packing data in a visual form so that it is easily understood by the public
      • Creating creative content to introduce Satu Data Indonesia to the public
      • Campaigning for the spirit of data openness through digital products
    • General Qualifications:
      • Able to make graphic design and creative video works
      • Able to make visual products using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, or similar applications
      • Have an interest in the field of visual communication
  • Programming Specialist (PS)
    • Description:
      • Developing features and implementation of Portal Data Indonesia design (
      • Providing technical assistance to Government Agencies incorporated in the Satu Data Indonesia initiative.
    • General Qualifications:
      • Experienced in developing web-based software
      • Having knowledge and / or experience using the Laravel framework
      • Able to operate Git for code collaboration
      • Have an interest in learning new things
      • Able to solve programming related problems
      • Preferably have an educational background in Computer Science or Informatics Engineering.
  • Public Policy Analyst (PP)
    • Description:
      • Responsible for preparing various policy analysis products related to the implementation of data governance and public service innovation concerning government data disclosure.
    • General Qualifications:
      • Having writing skills
      • Have a big interest in socio-political issues
      • Have basic skills in analyzing public policy making processes.

How to Apply:

Applicants for the Indonesia One Data Internship Program are requested to complete the registration form on the link by attaching documents in the format
pdf file, as follows:
  • Curriculum Vitae up to 1 (one) page
  • Motivation Letter a maximum of 1 (one) page containing reasons or motivations why you want to take part in the Indonesia Data One apprenticeship program
  • Portfolios Examples of Writing News Activities / Other Writings (Communication Specialists)
  • Product portfolio for Design Specialist & Programming Specialist positions (attach proof of digital works in the form of links or links if available)
  • Scan the Identity Card, and
  • Scan of Certificate of Graduation / Diploma or Student Active Certificate.

03 July 2019

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