Saturday, June 29, 2019

Google Conference and Travel Scholarships, North America (Funded)

At Google, we believe a diversity of attributes, experiences, and perspectives are needed to build tools that can change the world. Everyone deserves an opportunity to pursue connections in the industry, networking with peers, and a career path in technology. To help break down the barriers that prevent underrepresented groups in technology and business from attending leading conferences, we're excited to offer Google Conference and Travel Scholarships for selected conferences in the tech industry and related fields.

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To encourage attendance at technical conferences, Google will provide selected recipients:
  • Free conference registration
  • North America: Up to 1,000 USD (unless otherwise noted) reimbursement to retroactively be used toward airfare and accommodation costs (will be awarded after the conference)

Scholarships are available in North America for all traditionally underrepresented groups in technology and business (including, but not limited to: African American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American, persons with disabilities, women and veterans).

In order to apply for the North America Google Conference & Travel Scholarship, you must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:
  • Have a strong academic and/or professional background with demonstrated leadership ability
  • Be able to attend the core day(s) of one of the conferences
  • Persons who are (1) residents of North America and US Territories, (2) studying or working in North America, or (3) will be in North America at the time of the conference
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that: your information will be used in accordance with Google's Privacy Policy and that you've read the Grace Hopper Travel Scholarship Terms & Conditions, which outlines all scholarship logistics.
How To apply:
Please click the hyperlinked conference name bellow to apply. Applications will close 5:00pm Eastern time on the day of deadline.

Claim process
Recipients will be notified by email prior to the date of the conference. If you are selected, we will contact you with conference registration details and information about how you will receive your post-conference reimbursement.

For any questions about North America scholarships, please reach out to


Varies each program

  • August 30, 2019
  • July 12, 2019
  • July, 26, 2019
  • July 12, 2019
  • September 6, 2019
  • July 7, 2019 

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