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Baduy Mualaf Xpedition - Community Service at Lebak Banten, Indonesia (Fully Funded)

Baduy Mualaf Xpedition is a community service program from the 10,000 scholarship foundation that is present for concern and anxiety towards the conditions in some deepening areas that are less noticed and left behind in various fields, especially in the education sector. The 10,000 Scholarship Foundation believes that education is the most powerful weapon that can change a civilization for the better. With programs that focus on education, we hope that this nation will help a better civilization. Baduy Mualaf is located in the village of Bojong Menteng, Banten and is included in the hinterland.


Serving with the Heart, Together Giving Meaning.

FULLY FUNDED (Financing is borne by the committee 100% for selected participants)
Fully funded is a program where participants simply transfer registration fees already specified and fill in the registration form which will then be included in the stage selection.
The facilities obtained for the fully funded program are as follows:

  • Returning Flight Ticket (PP) from the place of origin to the meeting point
  • Residence
  • Consumption
  • Transportation
  • Merchandise
  • Means of implementing the program
  • National Certificate
  • Documentation
Read carefully so there are no mistakes
  • Open to the public and all ages (Indonesia Citizen)
  • Healthy physically and spiritually or do not have certain diseases.
  • Dare to take risks.
  • Willing to live in a place with minimal signal.
  • Have a commitment and passion for high service.
  • Having good character and interpersonal skills, communication and relationship building skills.
  • Willing to follow all series of Baduy Mualaf Xpedition community service activities with all applicable conditions.
  • Meeting Point at Rangkas Bitung on the specified date.
  • For JABODETABEK, all financing is borne at the meeting point.
  • For outside JABODETABEK, the airline or train ticket is borne by the committee.
  • Transfer the registration fee to the following account: Bank BNI 0722202554 a / n Amirah Rachmawati.
    • Regular (Share Poster and Twibbon)
      • Period 1: 20 - 30 Jui 2019: Rp. 75,000
      • Period 2: July 1 - 20 2019: Rp. 100,000
    • Exclusive (No Must Share, Directly Register)
      • June 20 - July 20, 2019: Rp. 125,000 

How to Apply:
Follow the steps to avoid errors
  • Read the program guide carefully and thoroughly. By registering, participants are considered to have agreed to the terms and conditions.
  • Follow the Instagram account @asiswa10000, add the official account LINE
  • @asiswa10000 and like the post.
  • Upload twibbon with your best photos to your Instagram and their captions, then tag @ beasiswa10000 @ christekdikti @wh_wahidinhalim @ kemdikbud.ri and 15
  • your friends, twibbon can be downloaded with the link. Following is the Caption Example for Twibbon:
Halo Educhangers!
Perkenalkan nama saya __,Saya berasal dari__ Siap untuk menjadi bagian dari
Volunteer Pengabdian Masyarakat Beasiswa 10.000 di Baduy Mualaf, Banten- pada
tanggal 04-09 Agustus 2019.
Alasan saya mengikuti Pengabdian Masyarakat Baduy Muallaf Xpedition adalah
[Tulis alasan kalian]
Yuk Educhangers daftar segera ke link:
Kami juga mengajak kalian untuk berdonasi membantu membangun fasilitas dan
perpustaka bagi masyarakat Baduy Mualaf. Besar harapan dana yang terhimpun dapat
membantu peradaban Baduy Mualaf lebih baik , kalian dapat langsung memberikan
donasi melalui Rek BRI 067201000341302 a/n Yayasan Beasiswa 10.000. Mari
bersama membangun pendidikan Indonesia yang lebih baik🙌🏻
Untuk info lebih lanjut, jangan lupa ikuti kami di IG & OA LINE: @beasiswa10000
Then, don't forget for your friend's Tag 15 and @asiswa10000
@ristekdikti @ kemdikbud.ri @wh_wahidinhalim 😁🙏🏻
  • Upload photos of Baduy convert Xpedition posters to instastory and instagram tags @beasiswa10000, the poster can be downloaded on the website in more information.
  • Sharing information on activities to the home line and at least 10 groups on social media (WhatsApp or Line) owned. The content of posters and captions is below and can also be taken from the website in the further information section.
  • Make a payment for registration fees and donations according to the registration option and the registration period. Transfer to BNI Bank account 0722202554 a / n Amirah Rachmawati.
  • Complete the registration form on the 10,000 scholarship website and attach it proof of payment, upload twibbon and upload the Baduy Mualaf Xpedition poster share at

20 July 2019

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