Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Korea International Culture and Education - Exchanging Culture to Enhance Global Society, South Korea

K-ICE (Korea – International Culture and Education) is a program created by International Global Network which focuses on culture and education to support youth development in a globalized world. K-ICE delegates are meant to enhance their full potentials in this program by discussing and exchanging ideas to solve sociocultural and educational problems, while building a long-lasting friendship with other participants.

K-ICE is a place for youth to learn about culture and education from various countries, especially South Korea, as well as to prepare themselves for challenges in the future. This program is open to students/youth and learners desiring a short-term program about Korean culture and education.

This program aims to widen the perspective of the participants through real experience in Korea with all the culture and education inside the country. Korean culture is very interesting and full of wonderful traditions. It is a magical place where you find both perfect peace and harmony, With the goal of increasing foreign students’ understanding on South Korea’s Culture, K-ICE Program offering an invaluable Korean cultural excursion to enhance the experience in Korea.


  • Understands more about South Korea’s education system from experienced people
  • Learns directly from South Korea about its history, culture and lifestyle
  • Finds new opportunities such as new perspectives, friends and ideas by learning different topics with participants who comes from all over Asia-Pacific.
  • Builds a long-lasting friendship with global participants
  • Exchanges ideas to solve socio cultural and educational problems with other participants
  • Learns other participants’ culture and education system

Financial Aid & Guide to FundraisingThere is no financial aid available to support applicants at this time. We suggest applicants check local organizations for sources of subsidy and support. Participant can apply sponsorship to a certain company/organization or school/college. Participant may use the proposal and letter of acceptance as a necessary document for sponsorship approval.

The steps :
After you are registered and accepted as Participants in K-ICE 2019 you will receive your LoA. You can use your LoA as the attached page on the Sponsorship Proposal. You can submit your sponsorship Proposal to your school or university, alumnae group, or lecturer funding, or even local government.

  • Hotel
  • Meal 3 Time/Day
  • K-ICE Kit
  • Certificate
  • Entrance Ticket
  • Public Transportation
  • Airport Assistance
  • Full Time LO Team


  • K-ICE welcomes youth between the age of 17-26 years old from Asia-Pacific region who has full attention to culture and education.
  • Enrolled in High School or University Students or Fresh Graduate.

How to Apply:
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