Thursday, November 14, 2019

IFA (International Fashion Academy) Scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate 2020, France (Full Scholarship)

IFA Paris originated from France and we pride ourselves in our strong French heritage. Whether you choose to study in Paris, Shanghai or Istanbul, our lecturers are mostly recruited from France. This approach provides students the French fashion heritage that can be felt as you begin your studies in either school. Having two locations also adds a different edge that mixes the classical side of fashion in Paris with the fast changing fashion and luxury world of Shanghai and the well-connected and the most strategic location for all kinds of trades of Istanbul to truly create a one of a kind learning experience.

IFA Paris is pleased to award three types of scholarships to support outstanding candidates according to their academic profile and financial situation:
  • Full Scholarship (100% free tuition)
    Deadline: March 15th, 2019
  • Excellence Scholarship (40% tuition fee reduction)
    Deadline: none
  • Distinction Scholarship (20% tuition fee reduction)
    Deadline: none

  • You can only apply for one of the three scholarship types offered by IFA Paris above for any Bachelor or Master/MBA program.
  • If you are not awarded the scholarship you applied for, you cannot apply for another scholarship. If you are still interested in joining IFA Paris, you would need to go through the regular paying admission process. Advice: choose the scholarship type wisely!
  • If you do not upload one of the required documents when submitting your application, then you will not be considered for a scholarship and it is too late afterwards.

Requirement Profile:
  • Extremely motivated towards the selected program
  • Highly creative for design programs (business-savvy for management programs)
  • Impressive extracurricular activities and/or professional experience
  • Interested in the fashion and luxury industry
 All other scholarship requirements such as English level are the same as for regular admission, please check the Admission tab of your desired program page or head to our Admissions Requirements page

Required Document:
In addition to the files required for regular admission, you must provide the below documents:
  • Motivation letter (this replaces the motivation letter in the regular application)
    - Why you’re applying for a scholarship?
    - Why should IFA Paris award you a scholarship?
    - Why did you choose the selected program?
    - How will the selected program help you achieve your goals?
  • Scholarship application form (download here)
    - The form should be filled out in full and as well as the budget section which is very important.
  • For the fashion design (creative) programs Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology and Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design, scholarship applicants must provide a portfolio. (this is also stated in the regular admission requirements)
  • For MBA programs only, applicants must provide 3 reference letters.

How To Apply:
  • Please create your IFA Paris Online Application Account.
  • You will fill in all the information and choose the program you are applying for, as well as pay €150 application fee. Only after you have paid the €150 application fee, you will be able to upload the documents.
  • You will fill out and upload this Scholarship Application Form as well as the other required documents mentioned above.

15 March 2020

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