Saturday, February 29, 2020

SI Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) 2020 , Sweden (Fully Funded)

The SI Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) is a training programme developed to build new networks, knowledge and practices for increased transparency, efficiency and resilience in public administration. The programme also aims to strengthen you and your individual capabilities to meet the requirements of a modern governance structure. As a participant of SAYP, you will be able to expand your own contact networks and share ideas, experiences and challenges with other like-minded professionals.

SAYP is a collaboration between Swedish institute and Swedish universities. The specific topics of the SAYP modules may vary from year to year. Topics this year are:
  • Perspectives on Multi-level Governance, Decentralisation & Human Rights
  • Migration and Integration in the Eastern Partnership and the Baltic Sea Region
  • Sustainable Public Management
  • Sustainable e-Government for Resilient and Innovative Democratic public administration (SeGRID)
  • Transnational Public Administration and Organizing

SAYP will give you:
  • Opportunity to develop your professional skills
  • Tools to apply in your own organisations and local contexts
  • Knowledge within sustainable modern governance
  • Experience of cross-sectorial work environment
  • Personal and professional network
  • Lifelong membership in the SI Alumni Network
  • Exclusive access to Peer Shadowing and other tools for continued learning
Participation in SAYP is free of charge and includes meals, accommodation, and travel.
  • Citizen of and currently working in one of the selected countries
  • Have good command of English language
  • Have a relevant higher education (at least three years)
  • 35 years or younger (born 1985- )
  • Employed in one of the following groups:
    • 1. Policymakers (politicians, government officials, employees of political parties)
    • 2. Public servants (non-political civil servants working at government agencies)
    • 3. Civil society workers (CSO/NGO employees) 

Eligible Regions:

  • Baltic Sea Region and Eastern partnership countries
    • Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Sweden, Ukraine
  • Western Balkans
    • Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Sweden
Document Required:
Your application must contain the following documents:
  • Motivation letter according to the SI template.
    Motivation letters in any other templates or formats are NOT valid. Make sure to read the questions in the Motivation Letter thoroughly and be specific and personal in your reasoning. Without exception, answers may not exceed the allowed number of characters (letters and spaces) for each question.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) in the Europass format of maximum 3 pages.
    A CV submitted in any other format than the Europass is NOT valid. Additional pages will be disregarded.
  • Letter of Reference.
    It is recommended to use the SI template.
    Remember that a letter of reference that is not signed is NOT valid. Only one letter of reference is required.
  • English language certificate.
    • To participate in SAYP 2020 we will require at least English 6 or Independent User B2 (in average) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This must be verified in one out of three ways mentioned here:
    • If you have completed a BA/BSc, master’s- or PhD degree in English, you may use the diploma as a certificate.
    • If you have other certificates that can prove your level of English, this willl be also be accepted. It should include contact details to certifying authority. Your certificate should be issued no later than 5 years ago.
    • If you do not have an English language certificate, kindly prepare the SI template to be submitted with your application. An English language teacher or other professional who has studied English language (higher education), may evaluate your language proficiency and sign the template.

How to Apply:
  • In order to apply for a SAYP module – kindly send a complete application to the hosting university. If you want to apply to more than one SAYP module – make sure to send a completed application to each university. Although it is possible to apply to all modules – kindly keep in mind you may only attend one. We recommend you to apply for not more than two modules that correspond to your interest and professional role.
  • In the motivation letter, you should mention which modules you are interested in, and in which priority. Cross-checks will be made before the final selection.


11 March 2020


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