Wednesday, March 11, 2020

[Diploma 3 and Diploma 4] SAE Indonesia Creative cholarship 2020, Indonesia

SAE Indonesia offers a range of scholarships to assist students during their studies. Our scholarship program is about investing in future professionals and rewarding creative and academic excellence.

Apply for the SAE Indonesia merit and needs-based Creative Media Scholarship, awarded annually to a carefully selected group of applicants.

This scholarship covers partial/full tuition fees* for a 3-Year Diploma (D3) / 4-Year Degree (D4) and will be awarded to applicants that are able to demonstrate outstanding scholarly ability as well as strong leadership skills and creativity. The aim of this scholarship is to help aspiring young creatives to kick-start their career within the creative media industry and to provide support for students that would otherwise be unable to have the financial means to pursue this course of study.

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  • full or partial tuition fees, according to the requirements met by scholarship participants
  • Scholarships will be awarded in accordance with the achievements of scholarship recipients while studying at SAE Indonesia
  • The maximum study period for scholarship participants is 8 semesters

Programmes Offered
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts in Audio (D4)
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts in Film (D4)
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation (D4)
  • Diploma in Music & Entertainment Business (D3)


  • Scholarships are only available for new students commencing study for the September 2020 Intake
  • Applicants must hold a High School Certificate or equivalentbefore starting college (September 2020)
  • Having good achievements in academic and / or non-academic fields related to the chosen study program
  • Not currently receiving another scholarship
  • Take a series of SIAP KULIAH tests in Rencanamu  and complete the profile in your Plans (Premium referral code will be sent by email)
  • Choose D3 majors - Music Business (for D3) or D4 - Audio Production, D4 - Digital Film Production, D4 - Visual Effects & Animation (for D4) 
    Required Document:
    • Complete the registration form through the SAE Indonesia page
    • Portfolios related to the course of your choice (files are stored in the Google Drive link)
    • Letters of motivation: What motivated you to apply for a scholarship? (Try not to write about personal gain or financial problems, ± 1000 words, Arial font, size 11, space 1.5)
    • Letter of recommendation (minimum 1) or photocopy of certificate of achievement owned (Award, certificate of Training participation, Workshop, etc.)
    • Photocopy of academic certificate (Diploma / Certificate of Graduation) -> For students who are still in grade 12 / do not have a diploma, can follow
    • Photocopy of identity card (Student Card, KTP, SIM)

    How to Apply:
    • Register yourself on the SAE Indonesia page on the website
    • Students get a SAE Indonesia referral code to access the SIAP KULIAH Premium test
    • Take all your SIAP KULIAH Rencanamu tests and complete your profile
    • Students who pass the file selection will be contacted via email on April 24, 2020
    • TPA & Academic Practical Test (on SAE Indonesia campus): May 12, 2020
    • Scholarship Committee interview (on SAE Indonesia campus): May 13, 2020


    17 April 2020