Tuesday, April 7, 2020

BootCamp Arkademy Scholarship 2020 (For Indonesian), Indonesia

Maximize your potential to learn programming through a free bootcamp for high school graduates or equivalent

Before joining Bootcamp you will pass stages that will test how strong your determination to become a developer
  • Registration
    Registration is open online for anyone who wants to join
  • Online Selection
    Selection questions in the form of test coding can be done online
  • Interview
    Interviews related to technical skills and about bootcamp
  • On boarding
    After qualifying, you will take an offline bootcamp for 6 weeks


  • Intensive Training
    • The material is up to date and adapted to industry standards
  • Get to work right away
    • Directly distributed to work in Arkademy partner companies
  • Experienced mentor
    • Guided directly by experienced mentors from industry
  • Free Accommodation
    • Housing is provided and is free of charge

Arkademy Partners Company:
  • PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, 
  • Tokopedia,
  • My Account,
  • Fifilio, Clap,
  • Bagidata, Jeager, 
  • Prosehat, Type,
  • Emago,
  • Fotocopy.id,
  • Zoomin,
  • Codex,
  • Helio,
  • Dumbways,
  • BRILife, etc.
In this program there is no limit to the number of participants accepted, as long as competent participants will be immediately accepted. 


  • Male / Female aged 17-25 years
  • No contract with any company.
  • Not in college or school (except for leave)
  • Ready to work in the Arkademy partner company 

How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for applying
FAQ Program: bit.ly/FAQbootcamp


08 May 2020


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