Tuesday, April 21, 2020

IMPA Summer Program 2020, Brazil (Funded)

During the months of January and February, besides its regular academic program, IMPA offers various activities for researchers and students from other institutions. These include courses, seminars and mini-courses on topics of current research.

Participants of the summer program may apply for financial support through IMPA’s online system. All applications completed by Nov 10th will be given full consideration in the review process. Participants from Rio de Janeiro are not eligible for financial support.

Summer Scholarships
R$ 1.200,00 (one thousand and two-hundred reais per month)

Housing information:
IMPA does not have student housing. We advise searching on sites such as Airbnb, Booking and others.

Meals at IMPA:
  • IMPA has a restaurant on the ground floor that serves meals and snacks.
  • The current price of lunch meals is R$ 18,50 (eighteen reais and fifty cents)
Visas and registration with the Federal Police
  • Foreign students need a visa Item IV (student Visa) to receive IMPA’s scholarships. The visa must be obtained prior to the arrival in Brazil; tourists visas cannot replace student visas.
  • Once in Brazil, foreign students have 30 days to register with the Federal Brazil (counting from the day of arrival in Brazil). The Federal Police is located at Tom Jobim’s International Airport (Galeao), on the 3rd floor. 

  • Applicants must be students or researchers
  • Applicants must have studied in a field of mathematics

How to Apply:
Applications to IMPA’s summer programs should be submitted through the online system. All applications completed by Nov 10th will be given full consideration in the review process. Results are expected to be available by mid December.
  • Application steps
    • Applicants must fill out a form with their personal information including a digitalized 3×4 photograph (with background) as well as a photo ID.
    • Once the personal information is submitted the candidate should select the area of interest and indicate two recommendation-letter writers, who will be contacted directly with instructions on how to submit their letters.
  • Additional material to be enclosed
    • Candidates must provide official transcripts issued by the institutions where their previous university degrees were obtained. In case of incomplete degrees at the time of the application, the transcripts should be as up-to-date as possible.
  • Remarks:
    • We can only guarantee the full consideration of applications received by Nov. 10th. After this date, applications can still be submitted and completed and will be analysed if time permits.
    • The documents submitted with applications will not be returned to the candidates after analysis.
    • Only complete applications will be considered.
    • The admissions committee will inform candidates about its decision through e-mail.

10 November 2020

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