Saturday, July 11, 2020

[Master Degree] Wellcome International Master’s Scholarships 2020, UK (Fully Funded)

Wellcome is a politically and financially independent foundation.

Our founder, Sir Henry Wellcome, was a medical entrepreneur, collector and philanthropist. How we work today reflects the breadth of his interests, and his conviction that health can be improved when research generates, tests and investigates new ideas. Our governance is based on an updated version of Henry’s will.

Today, we have a £26.8 billion investment portfolio which funds all the work we do. In the next five years, we plan to spend around £5 billion helping people across the world explore great ideas.
This scheme offers nationals of low- and middle-income countries the opportunity to receive training at Master’s degree level.


You can apply for an International Master's Fellowship if:
You must:
  • hold a clinical or non-clinical undergraduate degree in a relevant subject
  • be at an early stage in your career with limited research experience (but you must have demonstrated interest in, or aptitude for, research).
Your research proposal
  • Your research proposal should be within our science remit and focus on a health priority in a low- or middle-income country.
  • When we consider your application, we'll look at the:
    • quality and importance of your research question(s)
    • feasibility of your approach to solving these problems
    • suitability of your choice of research environments
    • suitability of the taught Master of Science (MSc) course you select – it should take place at a recognised centre of excellence and provide you with training that will complement your research project. 

The support includes:
  • Stippend
  • travel costs (eg outward and return airfares)
  • approved tuition fees, according to the rate charged by the training organisation.
We support distance learning taught Master's degrees.
If your stipend is liable for tax in the country you're based in, you can use the funds to cover the taxed amount.

How to Apply:

You must submit your application through the Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker (WTGT).
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01 September 2020


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