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Australia Awards in Indonesia - Alumni Grant Scheme 2020 Round 2, Indonesia

The Australian Embassy is pleased to announce a call for project proposals under the Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS). The AGS aims to strengthen Australia-Indonesia linkages and encourage alumni to leverage their experience and knowledge, put their ideas into action and create meaningful change. The AGS offers seed funding, on a competitive basis, for initiatives that create impact in your professional field, organisation and community.

The objectives of the AGS are:
  • to provide alumni with opportunities to enhance and capitalise on their knowledge and skills to improve practice in their professional fields and communities;
  • to develop, maintain and strengthen professional linkages and partnerships between alumni and the Australian government, and Australian businesses, organisations and educational institutions;
  • to connect alumni to each other across disciplines and professions, organisations and institutions, and geographic areas in order to share good practice and create opportunities for collaboration; to develop a network of alumni who view Australia’s capabilities and credentials in a positive light; and,
  • to showcase Australia’s excellence as a global provider of high quality education and research.

Grant Categories

Up to 25 grants are available under the current AGS round.
  • Category 1: Project Grant
    The Project Grant provides up to AUD 10,000 for alumni to undertake their initiative. Additional funding (up to $5,000) is available for proposals that partner with an Australian organisation or secure funding from alternate sources:
    • while the AGS is about utilising alumni skills and knowledge, we also want alumni to maintain and build their links to Australia. If your project is in partnership with an Australian organisation or institution, you may be eligible for an additional AUD 2,000.
    • the AGS provides financial incentives for securing alternate funding sources to support project delivery. We will provide alumni with an additional 50% of a third party contribution, to a maximum of AUD 3,000.
    • Thus the overall budget for an AGS project grant can be up to AUD $15,000.
  • Category 2: Follow-on Grant
    The Follow-on Grant is intended to scale-up or conduct follow-up activities of an AGS project. If alumni were previously awarded an AGS, and they wish to continue delivering your project, they may also apply for a grant of up to AUD 10,000.
    Note: Applicants will need to clearly demonstrate that their current project is achieving the objectives stated in the original proposal, if they wish to apply for a Follow-on Grant.
AGS Projects
We envisage the AGS projects will be innovative and offer alumni the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to good use. For example, past recipients have used their grants for the following:
  • computer literacy training at a children’s detention centre in Palembang
  • training and mentoring for English language teachers in West Nusa Tenggara
  • cataloguing traditional medicinal plants in Kurudu Island, Papua
  • improving rice preparation methods to help control diabetes in Kalimantan
  • skills training and microcredit for returned female migrant workers in Indramayu
  • establishing a local food cooperative in Yogyakarta
We also have a strong commitment to supporting women, people with a disability and those who work or live in areas affected by disaster, and strongly encourages them to apply.


  • The AGS is open to all Indonesian nationals who have graduated from a recognised Australian tertiary institution, including recipients of Australian Government scholarships, Government of Indonesia scholarship recipients, and private fee-paying students.
  • The AGS is also open to all Indonesian nationals who have completed short-term tertiary courses at registered Australian institutions through Australia Awards Fellowships and Short Courses and the Department of Immigration, Customs and Border Control ELICOS program. Indonesian nationals who have participated in Australian government hosted programs are also eligible to apply.
  • The Australian Embassy has a strong commitment to supporting women and people with a disability and strongly encourages these alumni to apply. Applicants from Geographic Focus Areas are also encouraged to apply. 

Required Document:
  • Scan of ID Card (KTP/ Passport): Your personal data including name, citizenship and photograph must be shown clearly (applies only for team lead/ applicant)
  • Testamur: Statement of graduation or other documentary evidence to prove your eligibility as an Australia alumnus (applies only for team lead/ applicant)
  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV): A summary of your education, work history and necessary skills and experiences. Keep your CV brief, ideally to a maximum of three pages. (applies only for team lead/ applicant)
  • Project budget: Template for project budget
  • Endorsement Letter: You must use the template for endorsement letter. If the letters are not signed by the referee and stamped with official stamp of the referred organisation or a notary office, they are not valid. Templates should be typed, then printed, signed and stamped; and then be uploaded as PDF-file. The document is flagged as required documents If you are work as civil servant (PNS). Self-employed applicant is not required to provide an endorsement letter. (applies only team lead/ applicant)
  • Letter of financial commitment: Please attach letters of commitment from all partner organisations including those that are making third-party cash contributions to the proposed project.
  • Letter of support: Please attach letters of support from all Indonesian and Australian organisations collaborating in the proposed project.

How to Apply:
Application and AGS Guidelines
We encourage alumni to read the following documents before applying for the AGS.

You should only submit the required documents listed above in the online application. We will not consider any other documents than the required ones. You must complete your application in English. You must use our templates provided and complete them according to the instructions, otherwise your applications will be deemed ineligible.

We strongly urge applicants to begin the process as early as possible. Due to the high volume of applications, the online application portal may be under heavy pressure at the end of the application period.
Late submissions will not be accepted.

14 September 2020


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