Saturday, August 15, 2020

[Bachelor, Master, and PhD Student] Baznas Research Scholarship 2020 For Indonesian, Indonesia

Baznas opens registration for research scholarships for final year Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral students throughout Indonesia. Info bellow.

The nominal amount of BAZNAS 2020 research funding to be received:
S1 - IDR 4,000,000.00
S2 - IDR 7,000,000.00
S3 - IDR 10,000,000.00

General Requirements:
  • S1 / S2 / S3 students who are completing their final project (skripsi/tesis/disertasi) in 2020
  • The research proposal has been approved by the campus
  • Final project theme that are prioritized:
    • Study of the implementation of NZI (National Zakat Index)
    • Study on the implementation of IDZ (Village Zakat Index)
    • Study of the impact of zakat distribution on mustahik uses the Cibest model as well as the poverty index and other gaps.
    • Study of the impact of zakat on community welfare and SDGs
    • Study of contemporary zakat fiqh (corporate zakat, e-commerce, etc.)
    • Sociology and community empowerment based on zakat
    • Policies and strategies to optimize zakat collection
    • Zakat literacy and public understanding of zakat
    • Design and creativity of photography, cinematography and illustration of zakat (new)
    • Ziswaf digital visual communication campaign design (new)
    • Other topics relevant to national and international zakat development.
  • The copyright of research results remains with researchers and campuses, however BAZNAS is given the right to publish part or all of the Final Project results and use the research results for the benefit of national zakat development while still paying attention to scientific ethics and free from elements of academic crime
Required Document:
Prepare scans of KTP, KK, CV, latest transcripts, campus and department accreditations, letters of recommendation , research ppt and research proposal

How to Apply:

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15 September 2020 

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