Thursday, August 19, 2021

[Exchange Program] AFS Intercultural Program - Asia KAKEHASHI Project 2022 (For Indonesia), Japan (Fully Funded)

Asia Kakehashi Project is a scholarship program funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) of Japan, awarded to Indonesian High School students, with an aim to bridge cultural understanding between Asian and Japanese High School students. The YES Program was established in 2018, and has sent 40 Indonesian students to Japan.

Asia Kakehashi Project gives priority to active and accomplished students, both academic and non-academic. This program gives advantages to students who are currently studying Japanese language as a subject in school, as an extra-curricular activity, or enrolled in structured Japanese language course.

This Program gives you an opportunity to directly experience the education system, culture, and daily life in Japan. This program also gives you an opportunity to be an ambassador between Indonesia and Japan, by bridging mutual understanding between Japanese and Indonesian communities, and acknowledging each other’s life and culture. You will experience and learn about life in Japan and getting a chance to interact directly with your community through enrichment activities arranged by the program.

During program, you will go to Japanese high school and live with Japanese family with various backgrounds, spread through the country. Some of you might get the opportunity to experience living in school dormitory during the program.

Bina Antarbudaya sends selected students who are eligible, regardless their religious, racial, and ethnical background, to be the young Indonesian ambassador in this program.

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What the Asia Kakehashi Project Scholarship covers (for selected finalists):
    • Japan Visa.
    • International travel between home country and Japan, including only one checked luggage.
    • Domestic travels:
      • From and to your hometown, for Orientation and Reorientation.
      • From and to your host town in Japan.
    • Placement in a host family, high school, or dormitory.
    • Orientations in home country and in Japan (Pre-Departure Orientation, Arrival, Mid- Year, End of Stay, and Reorientation).
    • Program enrichment activities.
    • Medical insurance, except for pre-existing conditions, eyes, and dental care.
    • Monthly allowance.
      What has to be prepared by program finalists (not included in the Scholarship):
      • Passport.
      • Medical examinations, including but not limited to TB tests.
      • Immunizations and vaccinations that are mandatory.
      • Pre-existing medical conditions and allergies, dental care, and eye care.
      • Excess or overweight baggage cost.
      • Personal expenses and trips during program

        • First and second grade in High School (SMA/ SMK/ MA).
        • For 2022 – 2023 Year Program, born between 01 April 2005 – 01 August 2006
        • Minimum average grade in academic report: B for all subjects.
        • Previously were or currently studying Japanese Language as a subject in school, as an extra-curricular activity, or enrolling in a structured Japanese Language course, proven by academic report, certificate, or competency test result.
        • Active and accomplished, in both academic and non-academic fields.
        • Agreements and consent from natural parents.
        • Agreement and consent from school.
        • Citizen of Indonesia, proven by birth certificate.
        • Reside in and still enrolled in a school in Indonesia at the time of application, and will still be enrolled in Indonesian school after the program.
        • Physically and mentally fit for the program.
        • Participate in selection stages conducted by Bina Antarbudaya.
        • Registration and application start by the middle of August.

          How to Apply:

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          11 September 2021


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