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[Online Course] Nihongo ☆ Rakuraku - Japanese Free Online Course by Japan Foundation Indonesia

Self-Study Course "Nihongo ☆ Rakuraku" A1 is an integrated basic Japanese online course, based on the material of the book Nihongo ☆ Rakuraku compiled by The Japan Foundation Jakarta. This course is targeted at basic level Japanese learners from Indonesian speakers. In this course, you will fully study the material online (online) on the Minato website. During the course of studying the material, you will listen to a lot of Japanese and practice speaking to hone basic Japanese communication skills in everyday situations. The book “Nihongo ☆ Rakuraku”, which is the basis for the preparation of this independent online course, can be downloaded through the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture's PSMK Directorate.
How to download:
  • Please access the link (
  • Click on the panel "BUKU DAN BAHAN AJAR".
  • Click on the tab "Bahan Ajar Bahasa Asing".
  • Click the "Download" button on the book option "NIHONGO ☆ RAKURAKU BAHASA JEPANG UNTUK SMK - JAPAN FOUNDATION”.
  • The book will be downloaded automatically as PDF data.

Course Objective "Can-do"

  • Topic 1 Greetings
    • 1. Able to say greetings politely and precisely.
    • 2. Able to express gratitude, apology and farewell.
  • Topic 2 Self Introduction
    • 3. Able to introduce yourself simply.
    • 4. Be able to mention the city of residence.
  • Topic 3 Family
    • 5. Able to introduce family by showing photos.
    • 6. Be able to state the physical characteristics and characteristics of family members in the photo.
  • Topic 4 Proficiency
    • 7. Able to express self-proficiency.
    • 8. Able to ask friends for help in accordance with what they can do.

Teaching Materials Used The material for the

A1 "Nihongo ☆ Rakuraku" Self-Study Course was compiled based on the material in the book Nihongo ☆ Rakuraku by The Japan Foundation Jakarta. Each topic is arranged with an interesting theme, so that it becomes an interactive learning medium suitable for beginner-level Japanese learners.

Note: The subject matter in this course is intended for use on a computer. In order for you to study the material comfortably, the use of other equipment other than computers is not recommended when taking this course.

Completion Requirements

Minimum passing grade is 60 The details of the assessment are as follows.

  • Independent learning progress 50 %
  • Quiz 20 %
  • Final test 30%

How to Apply:
Course Registration: HERE
* Participants must have a Minato account.
How to create a Minato account can be accessed HERE


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