Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Fully Funded SCGI Master Scholarship Program for International School in Thailand, 2018

The new SCGI Master Scholarship Program is now available on offer for International School. This is a fully funded scholarship available for Thai nationals.

This program has been designed to prepared personal capability for the demands of spatial solutions in the domain-area educational superiority of Wuhan University of the Peoples Republic of China and Burapha University and the resource superiority of GISTDA, Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand.

Sirindhorn Center for Geo-Informatics (SCGI) is established under the cooperation between the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand by Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization) : GISTDA, and Wuhan University by State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing : LIESMARS, the People’s Republic of China. The SCGI serves as the international institute for research and knowledge/technology transfer in space technology and geo-informatics.


  • This scholarship is available for Thai nationals.
  • Candidates must possess the following qualifications:
  • 1.1 is a Thai national It is not over 40 years old until the date of signing this announcement.
  • 1.2. Or other credentials that is comparable to the same degree in any field.
  • 1.3 was a grade point average throughout the course of not less than 3.00.
  • 1.4 are those with the English at least TOEFL 80, IELTS 5.5 or BUU-Test 70. Up

  • If the nominee is a master’s degree student in the country. And have started to do theses. If you are eligible for a scholarship, you must complete the thesis. I will leave to study abroad. 
  • Be a moral. Culture and behavior.

Thai students applying for scholarships annual tuition fee of two scholarships of 400,000 baht.

How to Apply:
Download the application and send the application form via Email.
Please Click Here.

May 15, 2018