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[Middle and High School] SNB SMART Ekselensia Indonesia 2020/2021 (Dompet Dhuafa) for Indonesia Citizen, Indonesia

SMART Ekselensia Indonesia Islamic Leadership Boarding School is a junior and senior high school. This school running with Semester Credit System (SKS) and this leadership education program is free of charge for economically disadvantaged selected children throughout the provinces in Indonesia.
SMART Ekselensia Indonesia, as one of the programs under Dompet Dhuafa Pendidikan, has a vision of being a model school that gives birth to a generation of Islamic personalities and soul leaders who are ready to become nation leaders in the future. To achieve this vision, SMART Ekselensia Indonesia integrates the national curriculum and the typical Indonesian SMART Ekselensia curriculum designed in stages over 5 years, 3 years in junior high and 2 years of high school. The typical SMART Ekselensia Indonesia curriculum consists of Islamic curriculum and leadership.

The curriculum consists of a number of subjects and eyes of activities in schools, dormitories, and communities programmed. With the curriculum, Indonesian SMART Ekselensia students are expected and targeted to have personal leadership competencies (self leadership) and social leadership (social leadership). To support learning in SMART Ekselensia Indonesia, students are facilitated by infrastructure such as: 
  1. Learning Resource Center
  2. Computer lab
  3. Science Laboratory
  4. Classroom
  5. Dormitory as a residence for students
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General requirements:
  • Muslim
  • Coming from a poor family
  • Man
  • Graduated / will graduate elementary school or equivalent (Middle School Selection)
  • Graduated / will graduate junior high school or equivalent (High School Selection)
  • Maximum age of 14 years on July 31, 2020 (Middle School Selection)
  • Maximum age of 17 years on July 31, 2020 (High School Selection)
  • Get permission from parents / guardians to live in a dormitory
  • The average grade IV - V report card score is at least 7.0 (Middle School Selection)
  • The average report card grade VII - VIII is at least 7.5 (High School Selection)
  • Healthy and have no contagious diseases
  • Willing to take part in all stages of selection in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Do not have family members who are currently or have received a Dompet Dhuafa scholarship

How to Apply/Special Requirements:
  • Fill out the registration form provided by the committee (DOWNLOAD)
  • Pasting photos of prospective 4 x 6 participants on the registration form
  • Attach photocopies of grade IV to V report cards that have been legalized by the original school (Middle School Selection)
  • Attach a photocopy of grade VII & VIII report cards that have been legalized by the original school (High School Selection)
  • Attach a photocopy of the award certificate / certificate (if any)
  • Attach a photocopy of birth certificate / familiar letter of birth
  • Attach a photocopy of the family card and valid Parent / Guardian KTP
  • Attach a Statement of No Smoking
To register for a scholarship, participants can complete the form and document file above. then submitted to the central committee or through their respective regional committees bellow. (Click pitcure to enlarge).

25 January 2020