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RHS Photographic Competition 2019 (For All Ages)

The RHS Photographic Competition inspires young and old alike to get outdoors and record how enriching and inspiring gardens and plants can be. The competition is organized by Royal Horticultural Society.

The aim of the competition is to promote high quality and beautiful photography, and the RHS wants to inspire everyone to grow by encouraging people to share their two passions of gardening and photography.

There are nine categories: Celebrating Gardens, Welcoming Garden Wildlife, All About Plants, Abstract, Urban Gardening, Under 18s (age 11-17), Under 11s, Social Media, Portfolio.

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  • Winner of the RHS Photographic Competition 2019 will win GBP 5,000. 
  • Young Winner of the RHS Photographic Competition 2019 will win GBP 750 Wex Photographic vouchers
  • Adult categories:
    First Place: GBP 500;
    Second Place: GBP 250;
    Third Place: GBP 150. 
  • Portfolio category:
    Best in Show: GBP 500. 
  • Under 18s:
    First place: GBP 150 Wex Photographic vouchers;
    Second place: GBP 75 Wex Photographic vouchers;
    Third place: GBP 50 Wex Photographic vouchers. 
  • Under 11s:
    First place: GBP 150 Wex Photographic vouchers;
    Second place: GBP 75 Wex Photographic vouchers;
    Third place: GBP 50 Wex Photographic vouchers. 

Categories for 2019

There are nine different categories in the competition, designed to have a broad appeal to aspiring entrants and cover different gardening-related topics.

Celebrating gardens:
whether in your own private space or a spectacular RHS garden, a tiny city patch to a formal domestic outside haven – get out and about photographing the very best of any style of garden. Consider elevated overviews from an upstairs window or simply images that capture the enjoyment people get from being in an outside space. Let your photographic imagination flourish and celebrate the essence – and beauty – of a garden.

Welcoming garden wildlife:
beautiful photographs of insects, birds and creatures found wild in your garden or garden surroundings. Images can be close up details or wider views of wildlife enjoying the outside environment.

All about plants:
if you love capturing plants, showing them happily growing in their location, then this is the category for you. Submissions should show a plant, tree or shrub as a whole entity – macro photography or tiny details aren’t right for this category. Instead, photographs could include the flower, stem and leaves of one single plant, or a clump of plants in their natural environment. Show us the beauty of plants and how they grow outside – make us think about why we should all consider growing more plants.

Abstract: let your imagination, originality and creativity go wild – submissions can be a close-up of a plant or an abstract view of plants or gardens. Image manipulation and graphic approaches are also welcomed. We want to be wowed by amazing images that challenge and make us think.

Urban gardening: whether you live in a flat, shared space or have a small outside terrace, all types of gardening can be undertaken in a city or town. Supporting the RHS Greening Grey Britain campaign, photographs could be a view of a windowsill in an urban flat or a small planted area in the suburbs. Photographs may include people as much as plants, as we want to celebrate the importance of an outside space in urban areas.

Social media: any image can be entered into this category that is related to anything horticultural, gardening or wildlife. Images should be submitted via RHS Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts using the hashtag #RHSphotocomp. The monthly shortlist will be selected by the RHS social media team and an RHS judge, and the winner will be voted for by our social media followers. Each monthly winner will then be fed into the competition judging for overall category winner.

Under 18s (age 11-17)
: any photographs depicting something plant, garden or wildlife related that interests you.

Under 11s: any photographs depicting something plant, garden or wildlife related that interests you.

Portfolio: this unique category is judged for RHS medals and entrants must supply six images in a series, or based on a common theme or style. Shortlisted portfolios will be hung and displayed at an RHS Show in 2019, and will be judged as a display at the show. This category is open to both amateur and professional photographers.

NB: Submissions to the Social Media category must be via either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and not via the RHS website. Images submitted in the Portfolio and Social Media categories do not preclude being entered into the other seven competition categories.

Conditions of Entry: 
  • Categories 1-7 entry (excludes category 8, Social Media, and category 9, Portfolio)
    • All entries must be submitted through the RHS Photographic Competition website.
    • Entrants are permitted to enter 5 images to the competition via the website. If the RHS deems the entrant has exceeded the image entry limit, through multiple accounts or by any other means, the RHS may disqualify the entrant from the competition.
    • Entries must be submitted digitally. Scanned negatives are accepted but must meet the criteria of digital image file requirements.
    • Image entry file size must not exceed 4MB, and is recommended to be at least 1200 pixels on the longest length.
    • A high-resolution image with a minimum of 6MB, preferably over 10MB, will be requested if entries are shortlisted and entrants may be disqualified at the judge’s discretion if high resolution images are not provided when requested (with exception for entries to the Under 18s and Under 11s categories.)
    • Images must be submitted by 10am, 1 March 2019.
    • Images must not include watermarks, borders, or signatures.
    • Black and white images are eligible for all categories.
    • No single image may be entered into more than one category. For example, an image cannot be entered into All About Plants and Social Media categories.
  • The RHS Photographic Competition is open to all - apart from anyone associated with the competition including RHS employees (and their partners and family), board and committee members, ambassadors, media sponsor and judges.
  • The entrant must be the original artwork creator and solely hold the copyright.
  • Images must not be licenced or disposed of any rights that will conflict with the competition. Images that have been made available on stock libraries and that may have gained publicity from this may be disqualified at the judges’ discretion
  • Images that have won or been commended or received notable publicity in any major competition before the submission deadline or judging will be disqualified at the judges’ discretion.
  • Any submitted image must not be entered into any other competition after being entered into the RHS Photographic Competition until the results have been announced at an RHS Show 2019.
  • The RHS requires that prior permission be sought before submitting photographs of private property or private gardens.
  • Visitors to RHS Gardens Wisley, Harlow Carr, Rosemoor and Hyde Hall are encouraged to capture and share photographic moments for personal, non-commercial purposes and do not require prior permission to enter the RHS Photographic Competition. Prior permission is necessary for any commercial and editorial usage of still or moving images.
  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary permissions are obtained from any person featured in a photograph.
  • Entrants for ‘Under 18s (11-17 years)’ must be between 11 and 17 years old on the day the competition closes.
  • Entrants for ‘Under 11s’ must be under 11 years old on the day the competition close
How to Apply:In order to apply, please read the competition rules and fill out the application form.

01 March 2019

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