Monday, January 28, 2019

Youlec Essay Competition: Prizes to Singapore & Thailand (For Indonesian)

In facing industrial development in Indonesia even at the global level, YOULEC (Youth Leadership Connection), an organization that accommodates young Indonesians to be productive and upholds the spirit of progress at the National and International levels, holds an essay competition that presents the winners of holiday packages to Singapore even Full scholarship for IFFL 2019 in Thailand. How do you participate and explain the prizes further? Let's just discuss it immediately.

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  • 1st place winner
    Plaques, Certificates, Fully Funded International Forum for Future Leaders 2019, Thailand, published books with ISBNs, and YOULEC merchandise.
  • Second place winner
    Plaques, Certificates, Holiday Packages to Singapore (PP and Hotel planes for 1 night), published books with ISBNs, and YOULEC merchandise.
  • 3rd place winner
    Plaques, Certificates, Holiday Packages to Singapore (Aircraft PP), published books with ISBNs, and YOULEC merchandise.
  • All Participants
    E-book + E-Certificate + YOULEC Event Voucher + 15 best writings will be printed and booked with ISBN with the title "The Anthology of YOULEC 2 Essays"

"Need Literacy ?: Preparing the Challenge of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia"
Sub Theme
  • Indonesian Literacy and Socio-Economic Development
  • Literacy and the Development of Today's Technology in Indonesia
  • Literacy and Access to Education in Indonesia
  • Literacy and Globalization Flow in Indonesia
  • Literacy and the Existence of a Variety of Cultures in Indonesia

Terms and Guidelines
  • The participants are students, Collage Students and public.
  • Ages 17-25 years old.
  • Writing is the original work itself and has never been published or contested in any media or journal.
  • The essays contested are written in Indonesian.
  • The title and content of the writing must be in accordance with the theme and sub-theme.
  • Not allowed to take the title of the main theme or sub-theme of the race.
  • The length of writing is between 800 and 1000 words.
  • Judges and committee decisions cannot be contested.
  • 100,000 registration fee (without distributing posters) or 75,000 by sending posters and race descriptions to 5 groups (WA / Line) or post on Instagram. tags to @youlec_id and 10 of your friends include hashtag #youlecessay2 #youlecessaycompetition #literasimembangunnegeri #youthleadershipconnection #youlecindonesia
  • Transfer Via Bank BCA KCP Pondok Timur 8415292739 a / n Amrina Alhumaira.
  • Participants send photos of proof of payment then upload them to Google form
  • Participants send essay works to email With the terms of delivery: Softcopy is written in the format of writing the email subject / title: "YEC2_Title Essay Name Author"
  • Contact Person Competition: Disa (081214386257)
  • Participants adjust the writing template that has been determined along with the sample essay.

How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for applying 

Deadline: 01 February 2019

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