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ASEAN-Indonesia Youth Ambassadors (DMAI) 2019 by Kemenlu

The selection of the ASEAN-Indonesia Youth Ambassadors (DMAI) aims to find young Indonesian youth and young women who have broad insight into ASEAN and have an interest in promoting ASEAN to the wider community. Therefore, for those of you between the ages of 18-25, you have good knowledge about ASEAN, are able to communicate in Indonesian and English well and are eager to promote ASEAN to the public. Let's take part in the 2019 ASEAN-Indonesia Youth Ambassador Election.

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For more details, pay attention to the requirements and steps to take part in the following 2019 ASEAN Youth Ambassadors:

The 2019 ASEAN-Indonesia Youth Ambassador will have the opportunity to represent Indonesia in various activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for one year (August 2019 - August 2020).

Requirements for Participants in the DMAI 2019 Election
  • Students, students or youth / i Citizens of Indonesia;
  • Age 18-25 years (as of June 1, 2019);
  • Have a good basic knowledge of ASEAN;
  • Have the ability to speak Indonesian and English. Other foreign languages ​​are added value;
  • Having good communication skills. Activity on social media will be an added value;
  • Willing to participate in the entire selection process set by the Operator and comply with the 2019 PDMAI rules.

DMAI 2019 Election Stages
  • Stage I (Essay Writing)
    Note the provisions of essay writing as follows:
    • Essays written in Indonesian
    • Essay discusses one (choose one theme) below:
      • My contribution: To echo Jakarta as the Diplomatic Capital of Southeast Asia
      • My Contributions: Strengthening Youth Networks in the ASEAN Region
    • Original essays, have never been published or included in other competitions.
    • Written in 500-1000 words (total number of words)
    • The essay contains a Brief Summary (about 100 words), describing the main ideas of the essay. The number of words in the Short Summary is included in a total of 1000 words.
    • Arial font size 12 with 1.5 spaces, 2 cm margins across sides.
    • May include charts / tables
    • The title of the essay is placed at the beginning of the essay
    • Well structured
    • Use good and correct Indonesian
    • Sent in PDF format, and saved in the PDMAI Essay (YOUR COMPLETE NAME) format (PROVINCE)
    • Enter your name under the title, on the first page.
    • Follow Instagram social media @kemlu_ri
  • Stage II (Making Video Message)
    Participants with the best essays will advance to the Second Stage and are asked to make a video message with the theme to be determined later
    Note the provisions for making video messages as follows:
    • Videos are made with a duration of 1 minute.
    • Video messages are made using English with the theme to be determined later.
    • The contents of the message in the video must be concise and clear. Make sure there is no background noise that can interfere.
    • Videos uploaded via Instagram with the title: PDMAI 2019 (Your name) and mention the @kemlu_ri account add a hash (hashtag) #aseanadalahkita # dutamudaasean2019 (example: PDMAI 2019 (Fadilla Putri) @kemlu_ri #aseanadalahkita # dutamudaasean2019)
    • Videos must be accessible so that you make sure Instagram isn't locked (private) and can be accessed until the winner's announcement.
    • At this stage, finalists will be selected to be invited to Jakarta
  • Stage III (Final)
    Finalists will be invited to Jakarta to take part in an orientation activity for 1 (one) week to get further inquiries about ASEAN and the etiquette protocol and will take part in the final night where the finalists will answer questions from the judges in both Indonesian and English in public .
  • 3 (three) finalists will be chosen as the Winner of the ASEAN-Indonesia Youth Ambassador 2019 (August 2019 - July 2020).

How to Apply:

  • Download DMAI 2019 Election Form
  • Complete the intended Form, give your signature and send to e-mail
  • Essays in the form of .pdf and self-photos (close up and whole body) in the format .jpg or .png with sizes not more than 1MB
  • The deadline for registration is 7 May 2019 (23:59 a.m. WIB), registration that arrives after this time, is automatically declared null and void.


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