Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Programme for the Strengthening of Civil Service in Latin America (Fully Funded)

As a benchmark institution in Spain´s third sector, the Botín Foundation explores new ways of converting talent into social, cultural and economic assests.

It carries out its activities in the areas of culture, science, education, rural development and social action, while working with international institutions on different projects.

In its determination to boost its relations with Latin America, the Botín Foundation is promoting the Programme for Strengthening of Civil Service in Latin America, with the conviction that the existence of a solid public service is a sine qua non condition for societies to enjoy long-lasting social, economic and cultural development.

To do so, the Foundation will select Latin-American university students with high potential and a vocation for public service, offering them an intensive eight week training programme. The programme was designed by the Botín Foundation to feed and sustain that vocation on the basis of essential know-how, by working with the participants to strengthen the attitudes and skills necessary for effective public service work.
  • The Fundación Botín cover all the expenses of the selected students to participate in the program, which includes:
    • Flight tickets;
    • Food;
    • Accommodation during the program;
  • The student will develop his personal leadership as a transforming agent of change in the institutional strengthening of his country.
  • The student will promote his entrepreneurial development and his vocation of public service.
  • The student will acquire knowledge and increase their personal and management skills.
  • The University will be represented, through its students, in an international program.
  • The University, through its students, will participate actively in the construction, development and growth of the Network of Public Servants of Latin America of the Botín Foundation.


  • The programme targets young university students from Latin America.
  • Participation will be available to university students from all knowledge areas who, by 30 September 2019, have coursed more then 50% of university studies, but not completed.
  • The date of birth of the candidates must be between 1st January 1995 to 31th December 1999.
  • Brilliant academic record and solid command of English.
  • It will be advantageous to have experienced and participated in student, political and social associations that aim to contribute to the development of society through public policies, and to have work experience.
  • Candidate nomitations must be signed by the Vice-Chancellor of his/her University.
  • Candidates must fill in the APPLICATION FORM, available on Application, key dates, faq´s, links. Candidacies must be submitted from 19th MARCH 2019 TO 9th MAY 2019.
Document Required:
  • A letter from the vice-chancellor presenting the student´s candidacy. Document required. (See model).
  • Commitment by the University for the realization of practices in any public institution in the country once the program for Strengthening Civil Service in Latin America ended. Required document. (See model).
  • Photocopy of passport. (If the candidate does not have one and is selected, he/she will have to take urgent measures to obtain it).
  • A passport size photo in gif or jpg format.
  • A sworn statement by the candidate, according to the model attached to the form. Required document. (See model).
  • Candidate must express briefly on a 1 minute YouTube video, uploaded as HIDE (not public or private), this question: Which are the challenges which the public servant of the 21st century faces?
  • If the candidate has publications, the link or pdf must be included (not required).
  • If the candidate has a personal blog, its URL must be indicated.
  • A certificate accrediting the candidate´s command of English or Spanish if Brazilian. (Through this document is not required, it is advisable).

How to Apply:

Please visit HERE for applying

09 May 2019

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