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Saitama University Exchange Program (Fall) for Partner Universities 2019, Japan

Every year, we welcome short-term exchange students with diverse cultural backgrounds and understandings from our partner universities. Students may pick Saitama because they like Japan and wish to learn about the country. However, exchange students will discover that Saitama University is the worlds’ gateway to Japan, and Japan’s gateway to the world.

Living in Saitama

Saitama was once known as ‘Sakitama’ some say the origin of ‘Sakitama’ is ‘the Gateway to the Capital Tokyo’, some say it is ‘the Prologue to a life of happiness.’ Like the origin of our city, Saitama University will become the gateway to your dreams and wishes. We will be the stepping-stone towards your goal by developing your values and potentials. We will nurture a challenging spirit and strength for you to overcome hardships on the journey towards your dreams.

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  • Regular Courses
    • We offer various regular courses, conducted in English and ranging from beginner to advanced level.
    • Students will pursue regular courses or the Intensive Japanese courses depending on Japanese and English language proficiency.
  • Web Syllabus
  • Intensive Japanese Course
    • For students who wish to concentrate on Japanese language studies, the university’s Japanese Education Center provides comprehensive courses on the Japanese language. Students will be able to take courses in their fields of study in Japanese depending on progress of Japanese proficiency.
  • Courses offered in English

Housing and Cost of Living
  • Housing
    • All exchange students from overseas partner universities are given priority to move into our on-campus accomodation, International House (I-House). I-house is located on campus with a two-minute walking distance from the main buildings, and most importantly, we think of the safety of our students with 24 hours security guards.
    • Each room is equipped with bath/shower, restroom, air conditioner, Internet access (you will need your own LAN cable), and telephone. The room is NOT equipped with either kitchen utensils (pans, plates, forks etc…) or bedding (blanket, sheets and pillow). Bed linen will be provided upon prior request with the monthly charge of 2,700 Japanese Yen, or can be purchased at the shopping facilities which are within easy reach from the campus.
    • Please note that we may ask exchange students to share a family room with another student of same gender.
    • For more details regarding I-house, visit : Live in international House
  • Cost of Living
    • Estimated monthly cost of living is approximately 80,000 JPY a month. Make sure you have sufficient funds to cover yourself for the duration of your stay in Japan. Exchange students should expect to spend approximately 1,000,000 yen for a year-long study and 500,000 yen for a six-month study.
  • Estimated monthly expenses
    • Room (I-House)
      20,000 Yen
    • Utilities
      20,000 Yen
    • Food
      30,000 Yen
    • National Health Insurance
      1,500 Yen
You should expect to pay other expenses which may vary depending on the student’s personal preferences and needs 
Partner Universities (Benefit):
  • Open to: Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at one of our overseas partner universities.  For a list of partner universities, visit partner universities:
  • Based on the University’s exchange agreements, exchange students will be exempted from examination fees, matriculation fees, and tuition at Saitama University.


Applicants who meet the following criteria may apply for the exchange program.
  • Undergraduate or graduate students who are currently enrolled at one of our partner universities as a degree-seeking student. 
  • Those who are nominated by their home university.
    You should also check with your home university as to whether they also have any requirements you have to meet in order to be eligible to study abroad.

How to Apply:
Apply through your university’s study abroad office. All required documents must be submitted from your university’s outbound exchange coordinator. Please note that application deadlines may differ; check with your coordinator about specific application deadlines. 

14 May 2019