Friday, April 5, 2019

The Australian National University Asia Pacific Week 2019 , Australia (Funded)

The Australian National University's Asia Pacific Week is an interdisciplinary, student-run conference aimed at high-achieving students and young professionals from around the world with an interest in Asia and the Pacific.

Now in its ninth year, the 2019 conference will continue the tradition of bringing together students, young professionals, policymakers and senior officials of the highest calibre for a week of stimulating discussion and debate.

Under the theme of ‘New Horizons: Identities, Challenges and Opportunities', Asia Pacific Week will take delegates on a journey looking into the future. What new ideas and movements have influenced the region? What challenges do countries face in the region individually and collectively? Is the region's identity fragmenting or becoming stronger than ever before? And most importantly, what opportunities are there for constructive and positive change?

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ANU Asia Pacific Week offers a limited number of scholarships to confirmed delegates. These scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit. We cannot guarantee that scholarships granted by the committee will cover the full cost of delegates' airfares and visa. The scholarship is decided by the strength of both delegate and scholarship application.

We do urge our applicants to apply for the scholarship if they are in dire need of financial help and suggest they wait to see if the scholarship offered will cover their travel expenses to the extent they require. The APW committee is committed to helping delegates who are financially disadvantaged to the best of their abilities.

The objective of the scholarship is to :

  • Award students who demonstrate outstanding academic ability and interest in contributing to Asia-Pacific related discussions and debates
  • Ensure that a diverse range of students from low socio-economic backgrounds are given the opportunity to attend the APW Conference


To apply for a scholarship, the following eligibility criteria applies:
  • Be a student (undergraduate or postgraduate)
  • Be an overseas applicant
  • Be able to demonstrate a history of excellent academic performance through an academic transcript and letter of recommendation

  • The scholarship will provide a lump sum amount to help with covering some of the costs incurred in flights and visa application.
Important information:
  • Accommodation and food will be covered during the conference for all delegates.
  • Applications that do not have an academic transcript and a letter of recommendation will be automatically disregarded.
  • All scholarship applicants will be notified in early May 2019 of the outcome.
NOTE: If you are a domestic student who requires financial aid, please email the Delegates Coordinators at

Program Benefits

  • The Australian National University is ranked as Australia’s top university. As a delegate at Asia Pacific Week, you will have the opportunity to not only hear from peak experts (scholars, policy makers, and diplomats) here, but also to engage in thought-provoking panels, debates, simulations and workshops themselves.
  • Every year, the next generation of Asia Pacific Week delegates leave with more than just new ideas and insights. They will leave with a network of friends and contacts from around the world. Many of our past Asia Pacific Week delegates have made life-long friends from all around the world, who they still keep in contact with today.
  • Asia Pacific Week is an opportunity which strives to empower delegates in their personal, academic and career journeys and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and empathy to be young leaders.
  • Accommodation and food will be covered during the conference for all delegates.
Program Requirement:
  • Applicants must be either university students (currently undertaking a Bachelors/Honors/Masters/Ph.D), or young professionals.
All overseas students who attend the Asia Pacific Week conference will have food and accommodation provided for free, at the Australian National University campus in Canberra. Domestic delegates currently living in Australia are required to pay a registration fee of $50, which will cover food and accommodation for the week. The conference fee for young professionals is $200. The Australian National University cannot cover travel or personal expenses for any international or domestic delegates. 

How to Apply:
Please visit link bellow for apply for the program and scholarship

17 April 2019


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