Friday, July 10, 2020

[Ongoing Bachelor Degree] Final Project Scholarship (For Indonesian) by Hadji Kalla Foundation 2020, Indonesia

The Hadji Kalla Foundation was established on April 24, 1984. Through this foundation, Kalla Group carries out a Corporate Social Responsibility program and distributes corporate zakat funds in various fields, such as education, da'wah, social-society, and the environment.

The Scholarship Program for South Sulawesi Students. The campus that is accepted for the final project scholarship is the campus in South Sulawesi Province
    Through this program, it is hoped that it can help students whose parents have low income at the university level in order to complete their studies well and on time. 

    The Hadji Kalla Foundation will provide full funding for selected participants to complete their final project.

    • Students from South Sulawesi who is working on the Final Project (TA)
    • Currently studying at campus in South Sulawesi Province
    Document Required:
    • Color photo size 3 × 4
    • Student Identity Card (KTM) / Proof of PTN graduation
    • Identity Card (KTP)
    • Family Card (KK)
    • Bank account book (Other than Bank Sulselbar)
    • Photo of proof of payment for last semester tuition fee,
    • Last Semester Value Transcript Scan,
    • Letter of Statement of Not Receiving Scholarships from Other Parties Authorized by Faculty Leaders
    • Letter of Statement of underprivileged from the Government (Minimum by Lurah),
    • Letter of Statement Still in the Research / Completion Phase of the Final Project and Has not Graduated from the Final Project Supervisor,
    • Final Project Proposal (PDF / Word),
    • Budget Details (Excel),
    How to Apply:
    Please visit HERE for applying


    17 Agustus 2020