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[Master Degree] Bidikmisi Alumni Scholarship (For Indonesian) 2020 (Fully Funded)

Bidikmisi Alumni Scholarship is a master scholarship program intended for Bidikmisi scholarship recipients who have good academic achievements.

The Bidikmisi Alumni Scholarship Targets are Bidikmisi alumni recipients who have a GPA of at least 3.5 from a 4.0 scale and have graduated from the last two years.

The Bidikmisi Alumni Scholarship Program is awarded for a single-degree master's degree with a maximum of 24 (twenty four) months of study duration both domestically and abroad.
Bidikmisi Alumni Scholarship Program can choose 3 (three) different destination universities in accordance with Domestic or Overseas goals with the same / similar / allied study program;
Applicants of Bidikmisi Alumni Scholarships that have been designated as Scholarship Recipients are obliged to submit 1 (one) Unconditional LoA from the Destination College as referred to in number 2 and cannot propose the transfer of the Destination College and destination study program.


The financing component consists of:

  • Enrichment Program Costs,
  • Education Funds,
  • Supporting Costs.

Registrants must meet the following registration requirements:

  • Indonesian citizens;
  • Has completed four diploma (D4) or undergraduate (S1) courses, with the following conditions:
    • Domestic tertiary institutions accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT),
    • Domestic service colleges, or
    • Overseas universities recognized by the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia or the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in the country of origin of the tertiary institution.
  • Not on (on going) or have taken a degree or non degree study of a master's program both in domestic tertiary institutions or overseas tertiary institutions.
  • Attach a permit to follow the selection of the unit in charge of human resources for those who are working (format can be downloaded in the registration application in the document upload section);
  • Attach a Health Certificate which is valid for a maximum period of 6 (six) months from the date of issuance until the closing date of registration of each period, with the following conditions:
    • Certificate of physical health issued by doctors from hospitals / health centers / clinics;
    • Certificate of freedom from drugs issued by doctors from hospitals / health centers / clinics / agencies / institutions that are given authority to test drugs;
    • Free Certificate of TB issued by a doctor from a Hospital / Puskesmas / Clinic, specifically for applicants for overseas tertiary purposes;
  • Attach a recommendation letter from the leader, figure or expert in the field (format can be downloaded in the registration application in the document upload section);
  • Select study programs and Higher Education Objectives that are in accordance with LPDP regulations;
  • Have a Cumulative Achievement Index (GPA) in accordance with the conditions set on the special requirements for scholarship registration;
  • Meet the language requirements in accordance with the conditions specified in the scholarship registration special requirements;
  • Scholarships are only for regular classes and are not for the following classes:
    • Executive Class;
    • Special Classes;
    • Employee class;
    • Distance Class;
    • Classes are not held at the parent college;
    • International Class specifically for Domestic purposes; or
    • Classes are held in more than 1 state university.
  • Attach study plans for master programs based on syllabus / curriculum of study program objectives;
  • Write a study proposal.

Specific Requirements:
Specific Requirements for Bidikmisi Alumni Scholarship Applicants are as follows:

  • Bidikmisi Alumni who have graduated from undergraduate education with a maximum graduation period of 2 (two) years from the year of graduate level;
  • Attach a statement or decree of Bidikmisi scholarship recipients issued by the relevant ministry or university.
  • Willing to sign a statement (format can be downloaded in the registration application in the document upload section)
  • Meet the applicant's age limit as of December 31, in the year of registration no higher than 35 (thirty-five) years;
  • Provisions for a Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.50 on a scale of 4.0 or equivalent as evidenced by a transcript of original or legalized value;
  • Possess an official certificate of English language ability that is still valid and issued by ETS ( or IELTS ( or TOAFL with the following conditions:
    • Domestic master program applicants score minimum English language proficiency TOEFL ITP® 400, TOEFL iBT® 33, IELTS ™ 4.5, TOEIC® 400, or TOAFL 400.
    • Applicants for overseas masters programs, minimum English language proficiency scores TOEFL ITP® 500, TOEFL iBT® 61, IELTS ™ 6.0, TOEIC® 630, or TOAFL 500.
    • The applicable TOEFL ITP certificate must come from the official provider of the TOEFL ITP test in Indonesia.
  • TOAFL certificate is intended for applicants with the aim of study programs and / or Islamic tertiary institutions;
  • Must complete the study period in accordance with the Unconditional LoA for a maximum of 24 (twenty four) months;
  • If the Scholarship completes studies for more than 24 (twenty four) months for the master's program, it must report to the LPDP and receive a decision from the LPDP.

How to Apply:
Registration is done online by filling out the registration form and uploading all the complete documents on the official LPDP page at 

10 September 2019

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