Sunday, September 1, 2019

2020/Spring CHUO Student Exchange Program – Chuo University, Japan

Warmest greetings from Chuo University!
Chuo University are happy to announce that they are opening nomination for the 2020/Spring Chuo Student Exchange Program.
Chuo University has four campuses in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The Tama Campus is surrounded by the lush greenery of suburban western Tokyo; the Korakuen Campus, Ichigaya Campus and Ichigaya Tamachi Campus are conveniently located in downtown Tokyo. Chuo University offers fulfilling education opportunities through coordination across all our four campuses.
  • As a general rule, exchange students from institutions withwhich Chuo University has concluded reciprocal student exchange agreements with mutual tuition fee waivers are exempt from registration fee and tuition fee of Chuo University.
  • Students from partner institutions with no mutual fee waiver arrangements are required to pay registration fee and tuition fee to Chuo University. For detailed arrangements, students should contact the exchange program coordinator at their home institutions.
  • Students must be currently enrolled at the partner institutions, and are expected to complete at least one academic year (two semesters) of study at the home institution before starting to study at Chuo University.
  • Undergraduate: Must have completed secondary education
  • Graduate: Must have completed their undergraduate program and obtained an undergraduate university degree (bachelor’s degree) or equivalent from their home institutions by the time of application.

Language Requirement

N/A (JLPT-N3 is preferable)Chuo does not request an official language proficiency score, but students should be able to take courses taught in either English or Japanese.
  • *The students who wish to be enrolled in Faculty of Science of engineering are highly recommended to have a JLPT N3 certificate.
  • *Some faculties such as Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Science of Engineering don’t have courses offered in English.Tuition 

Required Documents

How to Apply:
  • Chuo will send a fact sheet of our exchange program to exchange coordinators of the partner universities.
  • Exchange coordinators consult with our regional coordinators regarding the number of nominees. *We count the number of students per year, not per semester
  • Once the number of nominees has been confirmed, exchange coordinators will receive an email with a link to “Online Nomination Form”. 
  • When we receive the official nomination through the online web form, we will contacteach student by email as specified in the following “Application and Admission Procedures”

  • Graduate (exchange S2): 26 August 2019
  • Undergraduate (exchange S1): 15 September 2019

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