Sunday, September 29, 2019

[Master Degree] Fulbright University of Birmingham Award, UK (Full Scholarship)

Fulbright Awards offer generous financial support for one year of study in the UK. Award funding is intended as a contribution toward the first academic year of tuition fees and general maintenance costs whilst in the UK.

A Fulbright Award is much more than a financial grant – it offers scholars the opportunity to have a transformative cultural and academic experience. Fulbright postgraduates in the UK are invited to participate in a wide range of events, and benefit from a variety of additional opportunities organised by the Fulbright Commission.

The benefits of the Fulbright network do not end upon departure from the UK – receiving a Fulbright Award opens many doors and provides unparalleled global networking opportunities. Over 300,000 Fulbright Awards have been given since the Programme’s inception, and alumni have the opportunity to stay engaged through our extensive alumni networks. Alumni also remain connected to the Programme through on-going social and cultural events, volunteer opportunities, and mentoring schemes.

Value of Award
Grant amount:
  • Full tuition waiver
  • £13,450 living stipend

All candidates must meet the minimum eligibility for this Award category:
  • US citizen resident anywhere except the United Kingdom.
  • Hold or expect to receive a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent professional training or experience) in a relevant area before departure to the UK.
  • The Fulbright Awards Programme is looking not only for academic excellence, but also:
  • Demonstrable ambassadorial skills with evidence of cultural sensitivity and a genuine desire to learn more about the United Kingdom and share with British citizens aspects of American culture.
  • Experience and interest in a range of extracurricular and community activities.
  • Leadership potential.
  • Desire to further the Fulbright Programme and give back to your home country upon returning.
Please note: dual US-UK citizens are eligible to apply.

How to Apply
Applications are managed by the U.S. Institute of International Education. For full details of the application process, please visit the Fulbright U.S. Student Program website.
08 October 2019