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[All Degree] Turkey Government Scholarship 2021 (Türkİye Bursları Scholarship), Turkey (Fully Funded)

Apart from providing education opportunities at an international caliber as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience, Turkey offers scholarships to international students from all over the world to study in the most prestigious universities in Turkey.

Türkiye Scholarships is a government-funded, competitive scholarship program, awarded to outstanding students to pursue full-time or short-term program at the top universities in Turkey.
Türkiye Scholarships aims to build a network of future leaders committed to strengthening cooperation among countries and mutual understanding among societies. 

For program they offered. You can check HERE . Full-time programs refer to full-time degree awards which include Bachelor’s, Master’s and Phd courses.

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Full-Time Programs
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program (akordeon menüler olabilir)
    • University and program placement
    • Monthly Stipend: 700 TL per month
    • Tuition Fee
    • Once-off Return Flight Ticket
    • Health Insurance
    • Accomodation
    • One year Turkish Language Course
    • Length of award: 1 year Turkish Language course + 4-6 years (depending on the normal duration of the program)
  • Postgraduate Scholarship Program
    • University and program placement
    • Monthly Stipend:
      • Master’s: 950 TL per month
      • PhD: 1400 TL per month
    • Tuition Fee
    • Once-off Return Flight Ticket
    • Health Insurance
    • Accomodation
    • One year Turkish Language Course
    • Length of award:
      • Master’s: 1 year Turkish Language course + 2 years
      • PhD: 1 year Turkish Language course + 4 years
  • Short-Term Programs
    Success Scholarship Program (1 year)
    • Monthly Stipend:
      • Bahcelor’s: 440 TL per month
      • Master’s: 590 TL per month
      • Phd: 880 TL per month
    • Success scholarship program does not cover accomodation and other amenities
    Research Scholarship Program (3-10 months):
    • Monthly Stipend: 3.000 TL per month 
    • Research scholarship does not cover accomodation and other amenities 
    • Turkish Language & Culture Programs 
  • Turkish Language Programme for Public Officials and Academicians [KATİP] (8-10 months)
    • Monthly Stipend: 2.000 TL per month
    • Once-off Return Flight Ticket
    • Accomodation
    • Turkish Language Course 
KATİP program does not cover health insruance.

Programs and Levels of Study
  • Programs open for application are: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs 
  • Applications will be open to applicants who wish to study at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. 
  • Other programs such as Research Scholarships, Success Scholarships, and KATİP have different application periods and are announced regularly on our website and social media channels.
Program Offered:
Please visit HERE for list of field of study

Required Documents:
All candidates must submit the following documents during online application:
  • A valid National Identification Document OR a valid Passport
  • A recent Photo of the candidate (Please note that the photo you upload into the Application system must be a proper portrait of yourself, candidate photos which are not identifiable will undermine the evaluation of your application)
  • National exam scores (required for candidates who do not possess any international qualification or certification)
  • Diploma or temporary certificate of Graduation
  • Academic transcripts (online screenshots and uncertified transcripts will undermine the evaluation of your application)
  • International exam scores (GRE, GMAT, DELF, YDS, YÖS …etc. if required by the chosen university & program)
  • Language test scores (if required by the chosen university & program)
  • A research proposal and an example of your written work (for PhD applicants only)

Application Criteria:
Basic Criteria for Applying 
  • Minimum Academic Criteria:
    • Minimum academic achievement for Bachelor’s degree applicants: 70% 
    • Minimum academic achievement for Master’s and Doctorate degree applicants: 75% Minimum academic achievement for Health Science (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) applicants: 90%
  • Age Criteria: 
    • To be under the age of 21 for Undergraduate programs 
    • To be under the age of 30 for Master’s programs 
    • To be under the age of 35 for Doctorate programs
  • Eligibility
    Eligible Groups:
    • Citizens of all countries
    • Graduates or applicants who are able to graduate at the end of the current academic year (before September 2020)
    • Researchers and academicians 
  • Non-Eligible Groups:
    • Turkish citizens and those who have lost Turkish citizenship
    • Students already registered in Turkish universities at the level of study they are applying for.

Important Details:
  • Most programs in Turkish universities are instructed in Turkish. However, some departments and universities offer programs in English or other languages. Candidates who wish to study in these programs need to have an internationally recognized language certificate to prove their language proficiency (TOEFL and other equivalent certificates). Most of these programs require international admission test scores such as GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. Candidates can check the language of instruction while selecting the programs in the application system.
  • Undergraduate candidates who possess International qualifications such as SAT or GCSE instead of national exam scores, will need to provide the minimum required qualifications needed for completing secondary school according to these international exams.
  • ​All Türkiye Scholarships awardees who do not possess C1 Level Certificate for Turkish Proficiency (including those who are placed into English or other language taught programs) must attend a 1-year Turkish Preparatory Course and attain the C1 Level Certificate by the end of their academic year. 

How to Apply: 
Applications can only be made individually through by the candidates.
There are no institutions or persons authorized to apply for Türkiye Scholarships. 

  • Candidates are strongly advised to carefully read the instructions and warnings in the application system. Applicants are required to submit and upload the necessary documents to the application system. 
  • Applications delivered by post, courier, or by hand will not be accepted. 
  • ​Applications are free of charge. Please do not entertain any third party institutions or persons who offer to make an application on behalf of you in exchange for a fee. 
  • Türkiye Scholarships include both scholarship and university placement at the same time. Applicants will be placed in a university and program among their 12 preferences which they choose in the application system 

20 February 2021 (Open 10 January 2021)

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