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Ernst Mach Grant - ASEA-UNINET (ASEAN-European Academic University Network) 2021, Austria

ASEA-UNINET supports the exchange of knowledge between partner universities in the member countries in Europe and South-East Asia. The main activity of the network is the organization and financial support of the exchange of scientists and postgraduates and the transfer of knowledge associated with this.The funding is organized by the OeAD-GmbH/MPC in cooperation with ASEA-UNINET (on behalf of and financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research – BMBWF). 
Applications are open to postgraduates who have obtained a master degree (including master thesis) or a doctoral degree (or equivalent degree) in various fields (including e.g. Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences, Human Medicine, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts) as well as to undergraduates and graduates in the field of music (only).

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Supplementary grant, own funds are required
  • 1) Monthly grant rate
    • a) for undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, PhD-students: EUR 1,050
    • b) for postdocs: EUR 1,150
  • 2) Assistance in arranging accommodation and health insurance
    • a) It is possible for OeAD scholarship holders to book accommodation (dormitory or apartment) with the OeAD Housing office. The monthly costs are:
      • - monthly rent: EUR 250 to 600 EUR (depending on the amenities)
      • - monthly administrative fee: EUR 18
    • b) OeAD scholarship holders need to have health insurance that is accepted by the Austrian authorities for the duration of their stay in Austria. The OeAD can help with taking out such insurance. The monthly costs can vary, at the moment you should calculate EUR 55 to 200 (depending on your age, scholarship category and state of health).
    • Scholarship holders have to pay the costs for accommodation and insurance themselves.
    • c) Applicants from non-EU/EEA countries who are planning a research stay of more than 6 months: If your monthly costs for accommodation in Austria exceed EUR 300, you may need to provide proof of additional funds to the Austrian residence authority when you apply for your residence permit. This figure may vary depending on your individual costs for health insurance and other liabilities.
  • 3) Grant holders do not have to pay tuition fees in Austria. They might have to hand in a request at the rector’s office of their respective host university and demonstrate that they are studying or doing research in the context of transnational EU, national or university mobility programs.
  • 4) Scholarship holders from non-European countries will also receive a travel costs subsidy of max. EUR 1,000.

  • undergraduates, graduates (in the field of music only): 9 months
  • postgraduates: max. 36 months
  • post docs: 3 to 9 month


  • Eligible for application are
    • a) Undergraduates and Graduates of artistic fields for a study visit in the field of music.
    • b) Postgraduates pursuing a doctorate/PhD-program at an ASEA-UNINET member university in Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines.
    • c) Postgraduates who want to carry out a full doctorate/PhD-program in Austria and fulfill the requirements for admission.
    • d) Postdocs who are involved in teaching and research at an ASEA-UNINET member university in Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines.
  • Eligiblity for application:
    Only those candidates who hold the citizenship of Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines are eligible to apply for an Ernst Mach - ASEA-UNINET Scholarship.
  • In the fields of economic and social sciences, economic topics with a connection to technology or industry are preferred.
  • Applicants must not have studied/pursued research/pursued academic work in Austria in the last six months before taking up the grant.
  • List of ASEA-UNINET member universities: HERE
  • undergraduates, graduates (in the field of music only): 9 months
  • postgraduates: max. 36 months
  • post docs: 3 to 9 months
Semester and/or one-year grants, Research grants, Grants for whole degree programmes in the target country

Further Information & where to apply:

For more information and the link to the online-application tool, please click: Ernst Mach Grant – ASEA-UNINET (
Please be informed that paper-based applications are no longer accepted – online application ONLY via

Required Document:

The following documents have to be uploaded with the online application at
  • Research proposal (5-10 pages). The applicant's proposal for an innovative research project should focus on specific research questions, and contain a clear and detailed description of the research directions and objectives as well as the methodological approach. It should include:
    • a clear problem description
    • expected results
    • methodological approach (research design, research questions, research method)
    • literature review (incl. references)
    • list of the applicant's publications (if already available) or qualifications to do the research in question.
  • Written consent of the supervisor at the Austrian host university. Such a written consent may only be issued for the eligible programs open for application by a full or associated professor at an Austrian ASEA-UNINET partner university.
  • For applications in the field of music only: "Letter of Endorsement", issued jointly by the Austrian Universities of Music, replaces the written consent of the supervisor. For further information please contact Ms. Veronika Fuchshuber (
  • Two letters of recommendation by university lecturers. For these letters of recommendation no specific form is required; however, they must bear the letterhead, date and signature of the person recommending the applicant as well as the stamp of the university/department and must not be older than six months at the time of application.
  • Scan of your passport (page with name and photo).
  • Scan of all university graduation certificates as well as a German or English translation

31 March 2021

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