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[High School and College Student] Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) 2021 , South Korea (Scholarship Available)

Being the oldest private university in Korea, Yonsei University was first established in 1885 by Christian missionaries. Our mission is to educate leaders who will contribute to humanity in the spirit of “truth and freedom.” The 300,000 Yonsei alumni who take this calling to heart can be found manifesting this proud spirit from leadership positions around the world.
Yonsei’s main campus is ensconced in a spacious, picturesque and natural setting located minutes away from the economic, political, and cultural centers of Seoul’s metropolitan downtown. Yonsei has 3,500 eminent faculty members who are conducting cutting-edge research across all academic disciplines. There are 21 graduate schools, 22 colleges and 155 subsidiary institutions hosting a selective pool of students from around the world.

The Yonsei International Summer School (YISS) opened its doors in 1985 and since then, YISS has become an integral part of campus life based on a unique blend of Korean and global cultures. YISS continues to grow and evolve, accommodating the needs of a rapidly changing student body and meeting the challenges of a fast-paced global society.

The 2021 program includes courses from the arts, culture, and humanities while also offering cutting-edge classes in management and economics, global issues, history, social sciences, and science and technology. YISS also presents the online courses to bring more options and flexibility to its students and their time in Korea. Moreover, a shorter, 4-week option is also provided to accommodate students that can only be away for a limited period of time.

This summer, we invite you to experience the legendary “Yonsei Spirit” and to join us for an unforgettable summer in the heart of Seoul. You will make life-long friends, build new networks, expand and deepen your academic and cultural horizons, and experience life in one of Asia’s coolest, yet largely undiscovered metropolises of 10 million.

Make Yonsei your summer home in 2021 and have the best summer of your undergraduate journey.

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Basic Requirement: 
  • Visiting (Fee-paying) students are eligible to apply for scholarships.
  • Exchange students are not considered for scholarships. Scholarship will be cancelled, if one withdraws from the program.
  • Those who have already received a scholarship are not eligible for other scholarships.
  • YISS is open to all students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university as well as high school seniors who have been accepted to an accredited university. (We have a minimum GPA requirement for college or university students, which is above 2.0/4.0.)

1. Early Bird Reward – New Scholarship
The Early Enrollment Benefit will be replaced by a new scholarship, “Early Bird Reward”! All students will be given a 40% discount on the tuition fee if one fully pay the tuition fee before April 30th


1 course

2 courses

3 courses

Application Fee

100,000 KRW

100,000 KRW

100,000 KRW

Original YISS Tuition Fee


3,000,000 KRW

3,600,000 KRW

2021 YISS COVID-19 Special Price

1,000,000 KRW

2,000,000 KRW

3,000,000 KRW

Early Bird Reward

600,000 KRW

1,200,000 KRW

1,800,000 KRW

Note that students receiving the Early Bird Reward will not be eligible to receive other scholarships (except for the Scholastic Awards). Also, in order to widen the opportunity for the more number of students, the YISS team decided to cancel the Kim Suk-Hi and Do-Sim Scholarship.

2. Alumni Scholarship :
Alumni Scholarship : Students whose parents are graduates of Yonsei University KRW 100,000

KRW 100,000

Required Documents: 
  • (parents') Certificate of Graduation
  • Certificate of kinship

3. Scholastic Awards


KRW 200,000(For students who take 2 courses and earn A+ in all courses)
KRW 300,000(For students who take 3 courses and earn A+ in all courses)

  • Scholarship awardees will be selected from the successful candidates based on their academic records at the YISS.
  • Students are required to earn A+ in all courses.
  • Exchange students are not eligible.
  • Visiting students who already received other scholarship from YISS are not eligible. Internship program participants are not eligible
Important Notice
  • Please note that scholarships will be presented to the bank account which students provide to YISS in September, 2021. This is because final grades will be confirmed mid August after the grade check & correction period ends.
  • Students taking the Korean Summer Internship Course cannot receive the scholastic awards since a letter grade will not be given.


4. Early Enrollment Benefit 
All students who are registered on 2021 YISS program during Early registration (Jan 4, 2021 ~ Feb 28, 2021) with a completion of online application submission with the non-refundable application fee (KRW 100,000) as well as the official transcript are eligible to receive a benefit of KRW 200,000 which will be applied on your YISS tuition as fees deduction.

Benefit :
KRW 100,000

Important Notice
Please be informed that Early Enrollment and Re-enrollment benefits CANNOT be duplicated.

5. Re-Enrollment Benefit 
Benefit : 
KRW 100,000

All students who already have participated in YISS program in the past will receive a benefit of KRW 100,000 and it will be deducted from your tuition fee. Your tuition with application fee deduction will be applied after receiving a final approval from YISS office.

Important Notice
  • Re-enrolling students must send an informing email to regarding your re-enrollment status in advance.
  • Please be informed that Early Enrollment and Re-enrollment benefits CANNOT be duplicated.

6. APRU & AEARU Associate University Scholarship

Benefit :
APRU & AEARU Scholarship : KRW 100,000 

  • All students who are enrolled in the APRU and AEARU associate university will receive the APRU & AEARU Scholarship automatically.
  • Applications must be complete with online application and application fee.
  • The APRU & AEARU Scholarship (KRW 100,000) will be applied on your tuition fee as fee deduction.
Member List

Program Requirement:

YISS is open to all students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university as well as high school seniors who have been accepted to an accredited university. (We have a minimum GPA requirement for college or university students, which is above 2.0/4.0.)

Required Document:

Please upload the following application materials on the online application form.
  • 1. A most recent original transcript including your previous semester's grades (only applicable to students currently attending a college or university / transcript issue date must be within 3 months from the application submission date)
  • 2. An original copy of the sudent's matriculating university admissions letter (only applicable to high school seniors)

How to Apply:
  • Step 01
    Create ID end PW HERE
  • Step 02
    Complete Online Application Form
  • Step 03
    Pay the Application Fee
  • Step 04
    Receive a Letter of Admission by Email
  • Step 05
    Pay the tuition and apply for housing
  • Step 06
    Receive an enrollment letter via email
We may require further documents or materials for your application procedure)


30 April 2021 (Early Bird)
14 May 2021 (Reguler)

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